What are woodworking CNC lathe routine inspection work

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Woodworking CNC lathe is used in woodworking industry the most advanced machine, has the very high efficiency, at the time of processing and production of woodworking has played a very important role. But if inspection on it is not well before use, will cause a lot of things, such as boot properly after work or after work for a period of time there is a problem, and so on, but if we do some inspection work before use won't appear such problems. Today let's look at the woodworking CNC lathe can't lack of routine check before use. Woodworking CNC lathe when check belt firmness, should never put a finger between the belt and pulley, easily broken fingers. Check the motor, mechanical system, make sure there are no abnormal noise; Check each part of the machine tool lubrication condition; Check whether the cover and door and other safety protection device is safe, working properly; Check belt release, such as do not conform to the requirements of the specification, please adjust or change. The belt should be in good condition without damage. Spindle before operation, collet chuck or knob should be tight, in case the collet chuck jaw throw or fly out. At the same time we should pay attention to: 1, to the machine tool should be automatic operation of the machine tool state under no-load, at maximum speed machine tool movement binary or one-third of the machine tool running 10 to 20 minutes, the machine tools reach a stable temperature. 2, in automatic operation, all the moving parts in machine tool to automatically according to the procedure, check all the moving parts of movement at the same time, should be smooth, no abnormal noise. 3, if the machine idle for a period of time, must be carried out on the machine tool operation temperature. To make the machine durable service life, stable and reliable accuracy. Above is woodworking CNC lathes we should pay attention to when using some of the basic routine check, if in the later use process, can't forget to check the work.
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