What is the distinguishing feature of wooden line profile sanding machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Wooden line dedicated sanding machine features are: 1. Maximum feed speed 42 m/min, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production. 2. Abrasive belt and wheel speed by variable frequency speed regulation. For different materials, different surface and different abrasive types of artifacts, stable speed regulation accurately. 3. With functions of shock absorber and blowing sand, guarantee the machining surface is smooth, uniform, can effectively prevent abrasive belt running deviation, improve the service life of the abrasive belt. 4. Sand head according to the length of cut sand workpiece automatically compensate the consumption of grinding wheel, reduce the cumbersome manual compensation. 5. More segmented multi-angle stamping can be used for all kinds of different shape of the workpiece surface smooth conveying. 6. Artifacts using wheel lateral pressure conveying, prevent artifacts swinging, grind arenaceous correction workpiece bending, effectively avoid the workpiece surface friction damage. 7. Each line adjustment time, about 30 minutes.
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