why a drill and a play are at the very core of modern irish democracy

by:Gewinn     2019-09-11
When a huge tunnel
In last July, Shell\'s boring machine was trapped in the swamp of Mayo, and Donnell O\'Kelly saw his chance.
O\'Kelly is a senior actor and writer and an expert. man shows.
The 15-year-old, whose most famous Catalpa has won international awards and accolades, is still frequently reopened.
His new show, \"incredible.
Titled ailliliu Fionnuala (details below)
Tell the story of the boring machine.
This may not sound like an obvious theme for a play.
But O\'Kelly has been looking for a way to tell the story of Shell in Rosport.
Shell\'s pipeline and refining project has been sparking protests since at least 2005 kilometers, and okali became a regular visitor and learned about the locals involved.
The boring machine, weighing 500 tons and 149 long, was a huge logistical and security operation to transport from the Dublin Port to Mayo, as Shell was clearly concerned about being held back by protests.
To appease people (presumably)
, Shell named the machine after one of Lir\'s children, Fionnuala, and painted it in Mayo\'s color.
When the truck came in
O\'Kelly, holding a knife at the Mayo crossing and starting to sink into the swamp, saw an opportunity to blend current events and ancient myths in a story on stage.
He believes that if Shell\'s PR director names the machine Fionnuala, he is face-to-face with the actual Fionnuala of O\'Kelly\'s legend, the name of the machine is \"an insidious attempt to claim local mythology \".
But his goal in the play is more than simply condemning Shell: What really annoys him is the failure of Irish democracy.
\"The culture of Ireland is to keep all policy processes out of the door.
There is a complete lack of transparent, participatory democracy.
\"He said the Rosport legend was a symptom of the situation, as was the abuse disclosed in the Ryan report. (
O\'Kelly played a role in Mary loughley\'s report adapted for the Abbey and did not escape. )
The Rossport issue has been \"marginalized\" because it happened in North Mayo, he said, \"but it is critical to a prosperous democratic life \".
If it all sounds political, O\'Kelly will not apologize.
\"I have to have a clear reason to write something,\" he said . \".
The challenge is to balance politics, entertainment, and \"Inflammatory art \".
I try not to be too po-faced.
\"I saw him more right than he was wrong ---
Sometimes it\'s wonderful, like in his 1916 drama, action Easter, at kilmenham prison and Cambria County, his play, \"How did Frederick Douglas, an American slave, come to Ireland and meet Daniel O\'Connell. \"
But why is this tricky title a bit nostalgic.
O\'Kelly grew up watching 1960 Irish TV.
Daesh Racha, cartoon of language (
It\'s actually a cartoon strip. -
As you can see in some archive clips on RT É Player, they took a static picture)
The buzzword about a duck is \"ailliliu!
Watching \"Fionnuala\" sink into the swamp, O\'Kelly remembered Dahi\'s cry.
O\'Kelly began writing because, as an actor, he was \"never good at waiting for the phone to ring \".
His first success was
In a man show in the 1980 s, the father of the bat, the son of the Rabbit.
Robert Ballagh designed the exhibition and redesigned it, for which he recycled some of the original sets.
It\'s \"not just for economic reasons,\" O\'Kelly noted \". \"Keogh (
The role of Eliu)
Is the next generation of power players after the rabbit generation.
The same skill, though.
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