with proper dust collection woodworkers breathe easy: for the safety of workers, as well as machinery, a proper dust collection system is a necessary piece of equipment for any wood products facility.

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No matter who you are, dust collection is a problem for any woodworking facility.
Wood dust is an inevitable by-product of wood products industry.
Unfortunately, the dust generated during the manufacturing process caused some problems to the wood product facilities.
Too much dust can clog the equipment and damage expensive equipment, but what is even more shocking is that wood dust can also cause harm to the health and safety of employees.
Dust generated when working with certain kinds of wood is a known carcinogenic substance.
For shops that use medium fiber boards, plywood or plywood, when using these materials, the dust contains resin and other chemicals used to make the plates.
\"Wood dust generated by cutting, forming and polishing wood is more than just a nuisance,\" said Eric Lao, National Sales Manager, Dantherm Filtration Inc.
\"If not properly controlled, this can pose a serious health hazard to health and safety.
\"Anyone who doesn\'t wear a mask in a wood shop or doesn\'t have an effective dust collection system knows what the 8-hour breathing fine particulate matter can do to your nose and mouth, mike Grandi, general manager of scientific vacuum cleaners, added.
\"You can see the haze in the air.
You can taste it long after the shift is over.
They realized it was not a good thing. \" [
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According to Lowe, there are some health problems when dealing with inappropriate levels of wood dust, including: * respiratory effects: respiratory effects are the main health problems.
Excessive inhalation of dust can cause nasal irritation and bleeding, sinusitis, breathing, prolonged colds and decreased lung function.
You can also develop allergies or asthma due to repeated exposure to certain wood dust.
* Skin and eye effects: skin and eye effects are also possible.
Dermatitis and inflammation of the skin can occur through repeated contact with wood dust.
Symptoms include itching, redness, or cracking of the skin.
Wood dust can also cause irritation to the eyes.
* Wood dust is a known human carcinogenic substance: Occupational Exposure to certain wood dust can cause cancer in the nasal cavity and nasal cavity.
More and more companies and groups recognize the need to properly collect dust.
As new research progresses, more and more information is being disseminated to the public, and more woodworking companies choose to strengthen their dust removal work.
\"Awareness of the potential hazards of the materials found in today\'s store has certainly increased.
In addition, regulators like the Occupational Safety and Health Authority recognize that dust can also be a major risk of slipping or tripping, \"said Rick Bush, product development manager at Festool, USA.
John mcconely, president of JDS Co. , agreed: \"Everyone is concerned about maintaining a healthy environment . \"
\"More and more people recognize the need to collect dust.
\"Of course, proper dust removal devices are critical equipment in any woodworking workshop.
Dust and wood chips settle on any surface, including machines, floors and products, without proper collection.
As with any other critical equipment, correct setup and maintenance are essential to ensure maximum productivity is achieved.
Choosing and maintaining the right system has many factors to consider when choosing a dust removal system.
Should there be a large vacuum cleaner throughout the store or should there be a dedicated vacuum cleaner for a separate machine?
Should additional machines be added to the dust removal system later?
The level of sophistication that needs to be filtered?
How should the system be laid out?
All these factors-and more--
It will have a clear impact on the cost, effectiveness and availability of the dust collection system.
Mcconely said it is important for customers to understand the dust removal system they have and how it is set up.
\"The layout of the system is important for performance.
More pipes, smaller pipes and more bends are equal to performance degradation.
Choking with too many corners performs like traffic on an interstate. -
\"Air moves faster with sharp turns rather than sharp turns,\" he added . \".
\"The customer does not need a larger vacuum cleaner to improve efficiency, which may be the case where a more efficient plumbing system is required.
Jamison Scott, director of marketing for air handling systems, agrees: \"A system of design and size, with minimal air leakage in time and space installed, helps to run smoothly . \".
Dust removal equipment must improve efficiency.
With the advancement of technology, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have introduced new machines that are more effective and useless energy White.
There is also a smatter dust collector that switches to a single machine, because many woodworking shops are not running all the machines all day.
\"There are huge benefits to control power,\" explains Steve McDaniel, vice president of product division, K & B Duct Kirk & Blum.
\"For example, a 10% reduction in fan speed usually saves 20% of power, while a 20% reduction saves 40% of power.
\"However, if the dust collection system is not maintained, it may mean very little.
A system blockage or failure can seriously damage the ability to collect dust, which means there will be more particles in the air.
\"It\'s easy to take dust for granted before it stops working,\" Bush said . \".
\"The key to success --
\"Running the dust removal system is a routine maintenance and proper adjustment of the system,\" Lowe said . \".
\"In order to prevent dust collection systems from being the root cause of downtime and compliance issues, you have to plan your budget for professional preventive maintenance.
\"Service professionals can perform your day-to-day maintenance and identify and correct any minor issues before they become headaches,\" Lowe added . \". [
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Filtration is another factor to consider when talking about dust collection and maintenance.
Improper filtration may put dust back into the air or may reduce the efficiency of the dust collector.
Needless to say, the fitter media needs to be replaced regularly.
\"The most common performance problem we see is that the filter area of the air volume rating is insufficient (
Cubic feet per minute)
Dust removal system.
Long-standing complaints about low air performance and premature filtration blinding (clogging)
The first thing we do is it\'s too high. to-cloth ratio. Low air-to-
The cloth ratio allows the air to move slowly in the filter medium, keeping the pressure drop--or energy loss--
\"At least,\" said Robert Vette, owner of Oneida Air Systems Inc.
\"When filtering clams with dust cakes, the pressure drop on the fitter medium increases and the airflow of the whole system decreases.
\"Keeping the pressure drop on the fitter trailer will reduce the energy cost of the whole system and the dust collection on the woodworking tools will be better,\" Witter added . \".
Therefore, with proper systems and regular maintenance schedules, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of wood dust exposed to employees.
Regardless of whether wood dust is a carcinogenic substance or not, controlling exposure, most people will agree that contact should be avoided or minimized, and the dust collection system is critical to woodworking facilities.
However, there are other factors that need to be considered, such as the correct installation of the dust removal system and the improvement of the system after installation. [
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Mike Daniel emphasized proper planning.
\"By working with energy management systems and/or building additional capabilities, plan ahead for future expansion,\" he said . \".
\"Most people currently buy, and by adding more content to the system, seriously compromise the integrity of the system in just a few years.
A 3,500 CFM is usually required for a CNC router.
If there is no plan, this can put a lot of pressure on the whole system.
After two years of thinking, customers can save themselves a lot of headaches and huge amounts of money.
\"Customers who deal with wood dust want to install a dust collector with the right size and function,\" added Gerardi . \".
\"Customers who are satisfied with their system in the next few years will consider their requirements in advance, both short-term and short-termterm and long-term.
They will work with experienced professional companies to discuss existing options in order to make the best decision for their individual company.
\"It is also important to capture dust from the source.
\"Utilizing source capture technology is also a key component of effective removal and reduction of wood dust exposure by sizing pick-up points and pipes to prevent dust problems and exposure to personnel in the plant, \"said Lao.
\"Protecting employees is the most important concern of every company;
However, the proper dust removal system can also improve the output capacity of the process machinery and prolong the life of the equipment.
Witter agrees: \"The best way to control the exposure of wood dust is to collect dust at the source before it is absorbed by the store air, where you have the risk of breathing dust . \".
Second, use sufficient air volume (
Cubic feet per minute)
On woodworking machinery, ensure that wood scrap is effectively brought into the dust collection system.
It is important that every machine that produces dust has the right diameter pipe and the right air volume.
\"Third, when entering the dust collection system, the heavy wood waste is separated from the air flow using a separator.
This is safer because it clears potentially destructive objects before they enter the fan, and is more efficient because the airflow is not limited by the filter blockage and is only required after the extended operation
Fourth, effective final filtering.
Effective filtering requires two things: a high quality filter medium and a sufficient number of filter media.
Filter media should be tested and rated to filter test materials from 0 to 99%. 2-2.
\"At the surface speed of 11 FPM, 0 microns,\" Witter said . \".
Bush added that sometimes more is needed in addition to the central dust removal system in the store.
\"Except for personal protective equipment (PPE)
\"Large central collection systems, production stores still use portable electric tools in many steps of production and manufacturing,\" he said . \".
\"Connecting these portable power tools to a central system can be tricky at best, if possible.
The portable dust collector enables the store to control the dust of even the smallest criminals, thus obtaining a more complete dust removal solution.
\"Related article: what is next after Duran\'s research?
A study completed at Durham University in the fall of 2005 on the potential respiratory health effects of wood dust exposure to carpentry concluded that, respiratory wood dust does not pose an adverse health risk to respiratory function. After taking appropriate measures, according to the results of the survey, no significant adverse effects of wood dust were reported in the participating facilities. The $1.
9 million studies were commissioned by Inter Milan.
Coordination Committee of industrial wood and dust (IIWDCC)
A consortium of 19 wood products industry associations.
\"The results were surprising because we didn\'t really see any effect of exposure to wood dust,\" said Dr.
Dr. John Festa, senior scientist at the American Society of forests and papers.
One of the sponsors of Turan research.
\"The study was designed to study exposure responses, but at the level encountered in the study, Duran researchers did not see the effects within a fairly wide range of exposure. \" [
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There has been no significant action or research on the impact of wood dust since the Duran study, although the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC)
According to Festa, the company will review wood dust in 1994 and will conduct an update review in March 2009 as part of a broader review of substances.
Festa said the results of the Dulan Muchen study have been published in two scientific peers
These results will be helpful for future research.
Dulan University\'s research is by far the largest
\"The impact of cancer breathing,\" he said.
\"The data from this study should provide a solid foundation for standards --setting.
\"According to Festa, one of the goals of this study is to ensure the health and safety of workers.
Although he is not aware of any current activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA)
The carpenter\'s union was told during the study, he said.
\"During the course of this study, we informed the carpenter\'s union of the study and informed the union of the findings after the study was completed,\" he said . \".
\"According to this study, we have not heard the Union call for stricter standards.
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