Wood lathe problems arise

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
In when we use the wood lathe at ordinary times, there will always be a few glitches affect our work, when these problems arise, we should be how to deal with? 1, work out of the surface of the finished product is a regular screw line phenomenon reason: center set processing without concentricity processed according to the request is not high, the standard processing method for bearing platform and inner circle to a knife into a car, intermediate product cannot be moved, cause otherwise different heart inside and outside the circle. Solution: to set custom center. 2 、有的步进电机旋转只有一个方向刀具行走只有一个单方向 原因①测量接线板5V接口和DIR之间在点击前进和后退时有无电压5V和OV之间变化,如果没有则属于数据线或控制系统故障。 Solution: replace the cable or the access control system. 原因②运动控制系统接线板有问题,此问题的判断可以互换驱动器至接线板上的插头,如果正常了就是接线板问题。 Solution: replace the patch panel. 原因③驱动器故障,可以通过互换相同驱动器上的电机插头,如果故障转移到另一轴上则可以判断是驱动器故障。 33, vibration reasons: wrong loading center. Toggle thimble, center set, tailstock thimble three different heart. Solution to adjust the feeding position. 4, finished product thickness and length are regular change reason: drive failure. Solution: replace the drive. Check drive fault method can click on the 'zero' button again, after waiting for machine stop make a accurate tag 5, each axis numerical control woodworking lathe processing card in the process of mechanical and electrical machine in the abnormal noise. Reason: the job is too large. 解决方法更换中心套。 中心套直径比立柱对角线小2毫米以内属于正常,大于2毫米落差会出现电机吃力走不动等现象。
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