Woodworking CNC dovetail machine equipment performance

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
CNC dovetail machine as common furniture drawer ark manufacturing machinery and equipment, application of more and more common. With laborer cost rise, many manufacturers have to nc machine tools woodworking dovetail mortise machine, but many manufacturers don't know how to choose machine equipment. Woodworking dovetail machine equipment performance: 1. Digital servo system, precision ball screw, high-frequency high-speed spindle, The inverter control) 2. Mechanical structure USES the overseas research and development of new double-track underslung, clear and accurate transmission, greatly extended service life. 3. Machinable various tenon, tenon exquisite, smooth cooperation degree is high. 5. Double location design, the efficiency increased by more than four times, workers constantly up-down material. 6. Don't need a technical worker, the worker will learn that, save labor costs. 7. Adopt centralized dedusting, safe environmental protection, index is higher than the environmental protection standard. Dongguan shatian of woodworking machinery factory is located in convenient transportation, is apart from the world famous' furniture of all - Furniture avenue, houjie town, only ten minutes away, especially for foreign customers, our factory has the advantage of sit on the dock. Woodworking machinery factory formerly have professional sales Taiwan imports of machinery for several years, has won the general customers the consistent high praise, but also created a group of professional and technical personnel and high-quality maintenance team, unceasingly for the factory laid a solid foundation for the research and development and innovation. 'Quality first, quality service, customer first' is the person setting will adhere to the business philosophy. To this end, we will add one hundred times efforts, to create a more perfect product to meet your requirements.
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