Woodworking machinery appropriate use of the Internet thinking, form their own brand effect

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

in the first place, the enterprise products must be perfectly

the Internet into an age of excess product information, such as a customer on the Internet, will face a Marine product information, in theory, he can choose all the products in the world. Woodworking machinery enterprises in wechat business channels shall strive to the best products, only to become the NO. To play in the first place, to the ocean emerged in the era of excess is the product information, otherwise will be submerged. Woodworking machinery product features don't do much, want to make a new and stronger, the function perfectly, to make the product a foothold in wechat business field.

second, prick silk thinking and simplicity thinking

the long tail becomes important in wechat business areas, the number of users is more important than the user's consumption capacity, woodworking machinery wechat business hold huge amounts of prick silk is more important than catch a small elite. Thinking on the Internet, rather than sell a dollar of product to an elite, than to sell products to a prick silk for a dollar. Schools minimalist art advocates & other; Less is more & throughout; 。 The concept is widely used in the field of design, architecture, etc. The Internet makes human face information overload, the plight of information redundancy, a product if the function is simple, concise design, gives users out of the tangle of choice. Contracted show individual character, meaning that is convenient, the iphone is so successful, a lot of reason lies in the design of the contracted. This enterprise must pay attention!

moreover, attaches great importance to the user and the user experience is the highest

in the Internet age, the management of the enterprise boundary is broken, the user into a staff. Enterprise's intellectual resources not only comes from the staff, also from the users, and users to participate in product design, can make the product innovative, more can meet the demand of users. In wechat business channel depth of woodworking machinery products, but also to the user participate in product from the design, research and development, to the entire production process, the user into a collaborative producers. Product design to humanization, to stand in the user's point of view, create good experience is to enter the inner world of the user empathy. User experience is a kind of pure subjective feelings, is on the user's contact with the product or service in the whole process of formation of the comprehensive experience. A good user experience must pay attention to detail, and through every detail, the detail must allow the user to perceive, and this perception beyond user expectations, bring a surprise to the user.

in the end, learn to decentralized

the Internet is a network, it emphasizes the multipoint to multipoint, rather than point to multipoint, this idea is embodied in products, is the decentralized design, WeChat group is decentralized design products, it has no big weibo V role, the WeChat all people is equal to speak on the circle of friends, so there is no one center of speech. The decentralization of product design, and embodies the idea of equal rights, make each node on the network, can be for the entire network contribution value. Do woodworking machinery wechat business too, there is no need to put your user as god, it is good to them as a friend. Wechat business due to wechat business into the threshold low, numerous and the quality of the good and bad are intermingled, woodworking machinery enterprises in wechat business, must do their homework first, proper use of the Internet thinking, form their own brand effect, lest & other; Sink & throughout; 。
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