Woodworking machinery claim to the work place

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
Woodworking machinery to the requirement of work place

woodworking machinery to the work site conditions:
( 1) All that the use of toxic, stimulating and combustible qualitative process should be placed in separate workshop, or arrange special lies between locations in the plant, and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire equipment.
( 2) Logs, sawn timber, waste of channel in the workshop should be set up and eliminate the cross ventilation facilities such as corridor, hall, door curtain, curtain, etc, and prevent the spread of fire facilities such as automatic fire doors, fire smoke damper, water curtain, etc.
( 3) Need to arrive safely in workshop equipment at the top of the work, should be installed with protective railings and stair bridge. Workshop ground and bridge channels should be laying prevent slippery ground.
( 4) Commonly used on the pedestrian should not have equipment and line. Its width is not less than 1 m.
( 5) The ground under the conveyor belt to use flat or she lattice protective plate to cover. The surface of metal plate should be slippery. Grid protective gap width is not more than 30 mm.
( 6) Sawdust and waste storage tank should be placed outside the factory.

woodworking drilling itself no-load power relations and spindle revolutions show curve, no-load power with the v belt increases with the increase of the closing force. Changes in the closing force bearing friction torque and the change of friction heat production, so that the light with the bearing friction power consumption and the consumption of heat. Therefore, belt closing force increases, the no-load power also increases along with the augment of the closing force.
woodworking drilling itself no-load power and bit diameter curve relationship. Bit in the process of rotation, due to the cutting edge cutting air and windward side by air, thus, the air on the windward side resistance, the size of the resistance is proportional to the windward area. Bit, therefore, the power consumption is proportional to the Angle of windward side of the area, namely is proportional to the diameter of drill bit.
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