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Woodworking machinery industry policy


Woodworking machinery has developed into a wood manufacturing industry with more than 120 series and more than 4000 kinds of products and an annual output value of more than 10 billion dollars after more than 200 years of continuous improvement, perfection and improvement in the world. 

Wood working machines could be categorized into wood finger joint machine, woodworking saws, wood planer machine, wood sanding machine, wood boring machine, wood edging equipments etc.

China's woodworking machinery has gone through tremendous growth in the past years, and China's environmental protection governance has also made many small and micro wood products enterprises shut down and turn over, without the need to invest in wood processing equipment. The following is the policy analysis of woodworking machinery industry from Gewinn wood machine factory.

Policy analysis of woodworking machinery industry shows that in the global woodworking machinery industry, leading enterprises from Germany and Italy take the lead in woodworking machine development of the industry. 

In terms of scale and technology, the global woodworking machinery industry is basically occupied by several large enterprises such as Homag and BIESSE in Italy, and the overall pattern is relatively stable.

According to the analysis of woodworking machinery industry, Homag, Biesse and SCM respectively account for 31%, 12% and 11% of the global woodworking machinery market respectively

At the high end of the market, several large international woodworking machine companies have a higher share.

According to the international situation and the law of China's economic development, China's woodworking machinery industry may enter a very difficult period this year and next year.

Moreover, China's environmental protection governance also makes many small and micro wood products enterprises shut down and turn around, without the need to invest in equipment. Meanwhile, 2019 is the fourth year of China's 13th Five-Year Plan. According to the law of China's economic development, it is also the weakest year in the five-year plan.

Now from the five components of the standard to analyze the woodworking machinery industry policy.

1) Cylinder for woodworking machinery

In this woodworking machinery industry policy analysis, cylinder diameter size represents the size of the cylinder output force.

Piston to do a smooth reciprocates slide in the cylinder, cylinder surface roughness should be up to Ra0.8 m.


2) End cover for woodworking machinery production

The end cover is provided with an inlet and outlet, and some are also equipped with a buffer mechanism inside the end cover.

Sealing ring and dustproof ring are provided on the side cover of the rod to prevent air leakage from the piston rod and prevent external dust from mixing into the cylinder.

According to the policy analysis of woodworking machinery industry, a guide sleeve is set on the side end cover of the rod to improve the guide accuracy of the cylinder, which can bear a small amount of transverse load on the piston rod, reduce the amount of bending when the piston rod is extended, and extend the service life of cylinder for woodworking machinery .

Guide sleeves are usually made from sintered oil-bearing alloy, tipped copper castings. The end cover used to be malleable iron, in order to reduce the weight and rust, often used aluminum alloy die casting, miniature cylinder has the use of brass.

3) Piston for woodworking machinery

Piston is the pressurized part of woodworking machinery cylinder, to prevent the left and right cavities of the piston from channeling each other, a piston sealing ring is provided.

The wear ring on the piston can improve the guide of woodworking machinerycylinder, reduce the wear of the piston seal ring and reduce the friction resistance.

Wear-resisting ring is made of polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene, cloth synthetic resin and other materials.

In woodworking machinery industry policy analysis, piston width is determined by seal ring size and necessary sliding part length. The sliding part is too short, easy to cause early wear and jam. The material of piston is usually aluminum alloy and cast iron. The piston of small cylinder is made of brass.

4) Piston rod for woodworking machinery

For woodworking machinery industry policy analysis, piston rod is the cylinder in the most important stressed parts.

High carbon steel, hard chrome plated or stainless steel is usually used to prevent corrosion and improve the wear resistance of the sealing ring.

5) Seal for woodworking machinery

In woodworking machinery industry policy, rotary or reciprocating movement of the parts of the seal is known as dynamic seal, static part of the seal known as static seal.

Woodworking machinery industry for the manufacturing industry to provide edge sealing machine electronic saw and other important tasks.

The processing technology level of manufacturing industry is greatly affected by the overall level of woodworking machinery, and the development of manufacturing industry will also promote the development of woodworking machinery industry.

According to the policy analysis of woodworking machinery industry, automatic edge sealing machine and electronic saw will become the mainstream of woodworking machinery according to the development needs of manufacturing industry.

In the face of more and more difficult materials, woodworking machinery industry only better innovation to meet the needs of the development of manufacturing industry.

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