Woodworking machinery is each enterprise commonly used one kind of machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Woodworking machinery is a kind of with the aid of saw, plane, car, milling, drilling and other processing method, the wood processing into wood pattern, or wood and all kinds of mechanical apparatus. It is each enterprise commonly used one kind of machinery;

woodworking machinery classification according to the equipment working principle, structure characteristics and using range can be divided into the following categories:

a, woodworking sawing machine according to the moving feature of the workpiece and tool, the basic structure and layout of the form can be divided into: buttock circular sawing machine, cross-sectional circular sawing machine, band sawing machine, reciprocating saw machine, chain saw, saw bed.

2, woodworking planer include single, two, three, all sides planer, planer.

3, woodworking milling machine including interface milling machine, vertical milling machine, double, three sides, milling machine, copying milling machine in all directions.

4, woodworking drilling machine including vertical single axis, multi-axis drilling, horizontal drilling machine, multi-axis drilling machine, drilling machine.

5, including horizontal woodworking mortising machine, chain and ordinary mortising machine.

6, wood lathe;

7, woodworking machine including disc plate shell, narrow band type, drum, combined polishing machine and broadband sander.

eight, multipurpose woodworking machine tool including flat planer machine, flat planer machine, sawing machine machine.

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