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Summary of wood plastic sanding machine and operation requirements


                                                                                   Description of wood-plastics sanding machine: main use: for solid wood, plywood, particle board, cement board, fiberboard, and material in integration edition, frame strength thick sanding, fine sanding. Common categories: single sand, sand, sand three common model: 2063, 2210, equipment manufacturing cycle: ten working days or so wood-plastics sanding machine characteristics: 1, the equipment structure adopts the whole welding method, strong rigidity, higher service life. 2, choose the larger the diameter of the sanding roll, since it can not only make the abrasive belt's service life is longer, and the accuracy is higher. 3, using variable frequency variable speed feeding way, more efficient and energy-saving. Wood-plastics sanding machine equipment structure and function is introduced: 1, the frame: equipment of the whole skeleton, have the effect of support and connection. The rise and fall of 2, lift the handwheel: adjust the workbench. 3, power system: provide a conveyor belt, such as sand baldheaded device of power output. 4, brushing roller: used to clean up the process of dust. 5, control panel, set processing instructions and parameters used for wood plastic sanding machine operation requirements: 1, operators need to pre-service training, read carefully wood-plastics sanding machine equipment instructions, reasonable operation and reasonable maintenance. 2, before you start running equipment need to check the safety device. 3, standard dress, put an end to all security hidden danger. 4, reasonable setting processing parameters, cannot excessive pursuit of efficiency and make the equipment overload operation for a long time. 5, check the abrasive belt, such as severe worn should be replaced immediately, avoid by all means use abrasive belt with scratches or cracks. 6, do a good job cleaning, keep good overall cleaning equipment. 7, to do a good job of whole lubrication equipment on a regular basis.                                                                            

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