Mitsubishi emery cloth what are the advantages

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
On the advantage of simple introduction of mitsubishi emery cloth: emery cloth grain than grinding wheel grinding grain has a stronger cutting ability, so its grinding efficiency is very high. Emery cloth in its removal rate, high grinding efficiency performance of grinding ratio ( Removal of workpiece weight to weight and abrasive wear) And machine tool power utilization is very high. Known emery cloth grinding of steel removal rate has reached 700 mm3 / mm s. , even more than the turning and milling, etc. Emery cloth factory product sales of grinding ratio greatly exceeded the grinding wheel, 300:1, or even 400:1, the grinding wheel to spake. Emery cloth grinding machine of power utilization, emery cloth grinding away in the early development has reached 80%, excellent in other machine tools, is now up to 96%, by contrast, grinding wheel grinding machine is only 52%, 57% milling machine, lathe 65%, so the emery cloth grinding is a kind of very good energy-saving processing technology. Emery cloth grinding workpiece surface quality is high. This in addition to because of its multiple function of grinding, grinding and polishing, but also because: relative to grinding wheel grinding, grinding is called 'cold grinding emery cloth, grinding temperature is low, the surface is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as burns. Emery cloth little vibration grinding system and the stability is good. Due to the quality of light cloth, the grinding process of equilibrium state of the structure system is easy to control, all of the rotary parts ( Such as contact wheel, driving wheel, tension wheel, etc. ) Little wear and tear, no phenomenon of grinding wheel dynamic imbalance factors. In addition, the elastic grinding effect of emery cloth can greatly reduce or absorb the vibration and impact generated in grinding. Grinding speed stability, emery cloth drive wheels are not as as the grinding wheel diameter, the smaller the slower speed. Emery cloth grinding workpiece surface quality is mainly manifested in the surface roughness value is small, the residual stress state is good, and the surface of the micro crack or microstructure change wait for a phenomenon. From the point of the surface roughness, emery cloth grinding has to Ra0. 01 mm, achieved the effect of mirror surface grinding, for roughness value in Ra0. More than 1 mm, very easy to achieve. Now you have a certain understanding of the the superiority of mitsubishi emery cloth. A: woodworking machinery factory safety operation of the next article: you know what use woodworking machinery vacuum tube
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