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Summarized wood sanding machine adjustment method


                                                                                   When the wood sanding opportunities to some common faults, want to correct treatment should be as soon as possible to grasp the wood sanding machine adjustment methods and techniques, only can correct analysis of the problem of the deficiency of sand plate, then can make the normal operation of sand cut out qualified products. Adjust the seller grinding allocation because of man-made board production scale expands unceasingly, most of the sand light choose combination, namely the '2 + 4', '4 + 4' and '2 + 4 + 4', sanding dividends 3, 4, 5. Choose this way of combination of multichannel grinding it is necessary to accurately grinding amount distribution. ___________ grinding quantity distribution premise accurate grinding, priority should be concluded that the following conditions: (1) (2) abrasive belt grinding total particle size distribution. Especially in the end a sand with grain size. (2) the sanding wood sanding machine number. This allocation principles (1) make full use of the coarse and fine, fine sand with characteristics, proper distribution of grinding, fine grinding, usually the amount of grinding fine grinding can conclude that coarse sand depends on the actual situation. (2) the amount of fine sand and fine sand quantity too small, it is necessary to remove a sand on the mark. (3) reach the best grinding appearance make electricity at the same time, the sand with least cost. 3.  Grinding quantity distribution grinding amount usually choose hindcasting. Concluded that eventually a grinding quantity, and then conclude that final of the second grinding, finally concluded that the first line of grinding. 4. Grinding amount allocation system if it is chosen by the allocation system, the first to do is according to the grinding quantity distribution, concluded that each sanding finished thickness dimension in the future. According to conclude that the thickness of scale, sand the first first, after a few abrasive belt temporarily removed. Meet demand after the first line of the slab after sanding scale, set up the second sand belt grinding, it concluded that the second but thick scales, and so on. Until finally a scale fit requirements, usually when decided that each dimension, sand at least two fit scale requirements, to conclude that the sanding has adjusted accurately. Accurate grinding quantity distribution, not only can progress panel quality, and can save abrasive belt, decline in energy consumption, advance production power. It is worth noting that to choose the way after the adjustment, should do according to the actual situation in the process of using appropriate micro-adjustment, due to the grinding process is a variable, abrasive belt wear, grinding pad wear, density and hardness of the plate in the change. How to fine-tune, demand has been piled up experience, through every mechanical properties of wood sanding machine equipment. According to the above method after the adjustment, usually do not demand a big adjustment in the future, even in the standard also don't need to change the slab making big adjustments, so deal with eccentric wheel, grinding pad bearing for records, prevent some wrong operation and demand from the beginning.                                                                            

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