who says drilling is boring?

by:Gewinn     2019-08-07
Of course, 13 executives of woodworking equipment and woodworking equipment products did not talk about important trends in the industry --to-
Boring machines are usually considered too slow for production work.
Spindle Machines are generally considered for manyfunction tasks.
So there\'s nothing to say, right? Wrong.
The manufacturer\'s recent efforts address the obvious shortcomings of these machines.
Whether through the improvement of bar code technology or the increase of machine integration, today\'s machinery manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve customer manufacturing capabilities.
and wood products surveyed 13 leaders in the drilling and drilling industry to reveal the hottest trends in the market.
The recent developments noted by these officials challenge the views that some prominent people may have on the following pointsto-
Points and multiples-
Machine Spindle.
\"Feedback\" point-To-
\"The future is feed --through point-to-
\"Point,\" said MarkJoel, president of Allwood machinery.
Improving computer programming is another important step forward, he added.
\"I \'ve been watching Windows NT-
Five-control machineaxis point-to-
Joel said, \"the score is high --
Production by feeding pointto-
The number of points capable of permanent movement of 4,000 to 5,000 panels. The state-of-the-art in point-to-
Point is not in these \"one\" and \"two\" machines that make one or two people at a time, it is highspeed point-to-
Automatically set the point boring center for all content.
The panel just went through and began drilling.
Joel also said he believes reducing material handling is an important factor.
Machines that do horizontal and vertical drilling, pins, etc.
, In a self-material processingContains unit-
Control through Windows NT programming, barcode reading, anything you want-are the future.
\"Speed and flexibility of Gary carminsky, vice president of sales and marketing at NC Charlotte
Similarly, the US-based company bizes also pointed out that improving the computer side of boring machinery is a prominent trend.
\"More flexibility is needed in what the software can do and how it can be used in a wider sense,\" Kaminski said . \".
In addition, Kaminski noted changes in the mechanical structure and highlighted the following pointsto-
Faster and more flexible points.
\"We\'re starting to see a change in the typical structure outside, more of a machine designed for single-column and beam cantilever.
This is already very common in the design features of various machines we see from most companies.
In addition, I have seen a number of specialized equipment that still take advantage of the concept of CNC equipment to add more flexibility to the completion of a larger amount of work.
Mike Hawkins, dealer sales and marketing manager at IMA, \"Rethinking the manufacturing process,\" said: \"Sometimes it\'s hard for us to get some new technology in the USAmerica.
\"It\'s hard to spread new technologies.
Hawkins said that European carpentry workers have rethink the manufacturing process and have added high efficiency to the manufacturing process.
\"Whether you\'re in a boring hole at a point --to-
\"The point is that you\'re still punching holes in the penetration machine or on a fixed rig,\" he said . \".
\"What\'s really fresh is when you start thinking about the whole part process.
Whatever needs to be done on this part is done by a series of machines. Point-to-
Not just the station-alone machines.
They are part of an integrated system.
\"There\'s a company in Florida that has a system like this that works well and does a good job.
They combine the concept with automatic assembly and complete the whole system, where you have five people putting 700 to 800 boxes together every day, instead of 25 in several different areas.
I won\'t say technology hasn\'t arrived yet. it has-
But there is only a part of the market here that can be implemented and used.
It will take a while but it will arrive.
\"The industrial age makes room for the information age of application national sales manager Kelly Downey --
The industrial sector. of Holz-
Her NC Charlotte also pointed out that improving computerized is a leading edge in improving the efficiency of drilling and drilling machinery.
\"The focus now is on the speed and accuracy of your access to information,\" Donnie said . \".
\"The barcode labeling system allows you to network the office to the workshop using design packages such as Cabnetware or pattern systems.
No need to program on the machine;
The operator only needs to scan the barcode label and run the part.
Donnie said he also noticed trends in some small stores. to-
Point Technology and Computer
Auxiliary integration.
\"In percentage terms, the biggest growth is happening in small stores.
\"The larger system that bought the system a few years ago is being upgraded in a piecemeal manner,\" he said . \".
\"Small stores that have just entered the it space are now buying the entire system.
We don\'t just sell a machine, we sell two of them and the necessary software to connect them together. \" User-
We, like many others, work on faster machines.
Speed is not just driving Speed, but also ramp Speed and rampdecelation improvements, \"said Gianni Cavassa, vice president of marketing and sales at NC Greensboro.
North American based CMS.
\"The other thing is software that makes it more user --
Friendly, easy to program and interface with all the software packages available in the industry, such as pattern systems, cabinet vision, Cabnetware, etc.
\"Cavassa points to another important development that has emerged due to an increase in the degree of computerisation.
\"More and more customers are used to getting flexibility from their machines, so whenever amachine fails, their frustration will soon reach the roof.
\"They rely on suppliers to provide technical expertise over the phone to solve problems quickly,\" he said . \".
Rethink Kevin Walsh, boring and machining center, sales manager for Richard T.
Byrnes of PA West Chester said he had noticed the trend of using independent horizontal drilling and insertion machinery with the machining center.
\"We see a huge influx of people who have machining centers and are now on the next step to do horizontal drilling and insertion on a separate automatic machine, which is also cnc-
Said Walsh.
\"The two machines in the connection can largely speed up the machining center because horizontal drilling is an extremely slow part of the machine.
I \'ve also seen many smaller customers use machining centers that they didn\'t have in the past. two-, three-, four-
People\'s stores are now using this device.
\"As for nuts --and-
Walsh said he saw \"an increasing number of middle classes --and large-
Larger customers will enter a larger desktop area in order to get more work done at a time.
\"We see more and more people looking to speed up the software and make some sort of barcode or quick setup of the machine to make more use of the machine time.
One of the biggest things about \"faster tool change\" for us is --
\"Changes in board tools,\" said Steve Davis, regional manager of Morbidelli lineat Tekna advanced technology, Duluth, Georgia.
\"Whether drilling or using an auxiliary router, we are able to dynamically replace the tool while the machine is performing auxiliary operations, and because of the reduced running time, we provide customers with more flexibility.
Davis also sees increasing the size of the table as an important trend, noting that \"not 10-or 10 1/2-
People will go 12-or 14-It\'s the ft machine.
They are willing to pay the price in order to be able to produce larger parts.
Davis went on to say that bar codes have finally begun to help users realize some of the potential that has been talked about in recent years.
\"It has been a buzzword for at least the past few years,\" he said . \".
\"A lot of people are using it now.
\"Multitasking\" what I \'ve seen recently on the machine is that they\'re increasingly capable of doing real multitasking, \"says Greg Hammersley, Weeke product manager at MI Stiles Machinery grand rapids.
\"This applies not only to panel processing, but also to more advanced applications that you usually see on your CNC router.
I \'ve seen heavier router motors and use more aggregates that allow you to do tilt drilling or routing, horizontal routing, and the like.
While they have been a good addition to the horizontal and vertical drilling and slotting capabilities, now the router has become a clear major component of the machine\'s capabilities.
Another thing Hammersley pointed out is that when parts go in and out of the machine, it is required to automate during installation and processing.
\"There are a lot of things that can be done in software to help operators build things, such as the manufacturing work units that we are vigorously promoting,\" Hammersley said . \".
System, which point-to-
Point is part of it, running a part throughout the factory using a package.
It scans the bar code of the specified machine, tool, etc.
It\'s really helpful.
Big guys and small shops.
\"Carpentry wants Windows\" market to continue to emphasize the innovation and control of Windows platforms, \"said John Parker, general manager of NC Greensboro Delmac Machinery Group, using the processing speed and 32-bit structure of Windows 95 and Windows 98.
Addition of CD-
It is also important for the user interface to go from ROM to machine.
We see a growing emphasis on reduced instruction set control, which is essentially a way to communicate with machines, eliminating the need for wires for each solenoid valve.
For example, compared to using a large number of cables to control all valves on the machine, using a cable that can send a large amount of information is an improvement.
From the point of view of cabling and trouble shooting, this makes things easier.
Park said he also believes that the improvement of bar code technology is beneficial to the industry.
\"We\'re in IWF 2-
\"The bar code is similar to the one that many of today\'s more complex scanners are reading,\" Park said . \".
\"Now, we can embed complete program and routing information about the product in the barcode.
For users, this means they don\'t have to worry about networking an office PC to a machine.
\"The software innovation curve is much steeper than the mechanical curve,\" Park added . \".
\"But in response to the market\'s demand for more horsepower, faster speed and greater flexibility, there is a general trend that is fixed --
ARM machine, you hang your head on a fixed arm and the head moves back and forth.
We\'re usingrack-
Due to the faster processing speed, small gears with Alpha gearbox.
The machine head moves at speeds of more than 100 per minute (
328 feet per minute.
In order to maintain and control this speed you cannot use the ball screw you have to use the rackand-pinion.
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The spindle becomes more flexible in drilling and drilling machineryto-point machines. Makers of feed-
More through and stationery
Spindle borers are solving some of the limitations that their machines perceive.
Industry leaders are focusing on increased flexibility to reduce downtime during conversion by increasing computerized and accelerated tool changes: Some customers who have not yet registered have looked at multiple again-
Spindle after turning pointto-
Points in recent years.
Riccardo Azzoni, president of CT New Milford Atlantic machinery, is one of them, and he says he notes that some customers are rethinking whether or not-to-
Points are the right machines to meet their manufacturing needs.
\"Some companies have discovered this --to-
Points are not the treatment for all diseases.
As I said, \"said Azzoni.
\"They are great machines when you have to do multiple functions on one panel, but they are quite slow in terms of repetitive work.
I mean, when you have 50 parts or more of the same pattern, it\'s four times faster to go through the penetrating drill than to try to finish on apointto-point.
\"I also think that across the market, there are smaller, cheaper products than a few years ago that allow people to invest endless money at the same quality and at the same operational speed.
\"Jon Elvrum, distribution and sales director for Ritter Mfg.
CA, Antioch agrees with Azzoni\'s idea about pointto-points vs. multiple-
Spindle machinery.
\"Our assumption is that the CNC machine can do it all, but the fact is that it won\'t do it. Multiple-
For example, the spindle machine will install 46 holes on the panel in 6 seconds.
There is no aCNC machine in the world that can keep up with this trend.
This does not mean that people do not need CNC.
This means that people need to be rational about their purpose of buying CNC.
Elvrum also distinguishes between two types of multiple
Spindle drilling operation.
\"One is called system drilling, and the hardware is the real driver of the positioning hole, which requires a certain degree of accuracy in this case.
Then, what we call a wire drill, all you have to do is move the holes on the correct plane up and down, and they can be anywhere they need.
The face boxes that people make adjustments don\'t have a higher interest factor worth the money they spend
Expensive machines guarantee the accuracy required to place a variety of hardware.
\"Both types are done through a walkthrough set by one line.
But, say, you\'re doing system drilling, you\'re doing a product with a laminated surface, like nevmar.
When you drill into the product, it will bend unless the panel is fully supported, and when it is bent, it will be transferred to an inaccurate place because the hole is not at right angles to the panel
\"It\'s more than people believe.
They think everything they want to buy will make their life simple.
It does make it simpler, but it requires you to pay attention to the requirements of the process.
\"People have been looking for a way to do vertical drilling of small panels (such as drawer parts) on multiple platforms
Gary Wells, president of trtec Assoc, said: \"spindle machines. Inc.
\"There are several reasons why they want it.
First of all, they can be freeup the point-to-
What they are best.
Second, the machining center is not set for those smaller parts.
They are slow and relatively inaccurate because there are not many-
Spindle processing.
They have a range of movable vacuum pods that can hold larger panels but not smaller ones.
\"Wells also noted that the overall speed is faster, self-diagnosis, user friendliness and NC-
Control of drilling, gluing and inserting machines.
\"The closed glue system is becoming more and more important, it runs clean and does not need to be cleaned frequently,\" Wells added . \".
Andrea Mas, sales and marketing coordinator at Doucet Inc. , said: \"Sales of boring machines have been growing for the past three years . \"
Daviloville, QUE, Canada.
\"There is a renewed interest in the technology, which can be attributed to many factors, of which the simplified settings are not the least important.
\"With the emergence of CNC machines, many
Spindle boringmachine is usually limited to dedicated, high
Batch Application.
While speed is the main advantage of these machines compared to programmable machines, it turns out that the setup is time consuming.
In addition, using the traditional method of installing the spindle on the arm, it is sometimes difficult to achieve accurate positioning.
Masse said that he has seen the development of the Yanwei beam, which can be installed on multiple platforms.
Vertical spindle milling machine.
\"The spindle can be set to their precise drilling position along the axis of the beam,\" Masse said . \".
\"When boredom needs to do more on one axis, the swallow tail crosses
The arm can be mounted on the main beam, allowing the spindle to be installed on this side swallow tail.
\"We have seen the development of a new type of equipment to address some of the new technologies that can be used from a mechanical point of view throughout the feed-type drilling rig,\" GaryKaminski said . \", Vice President of Sales and Marketing, biesse America.
\"A lot of multiple-
The Spindle industry is using Spindle machines and they are looking for faster equipment
Not necessarily in the strict sense of computer time and machine
There are certain computer interface capabilities to help them set up quickly.
Something like a quick replacement Chuck system, which is more precise in setting up their head movements, is important to be able to organize them.
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