20 years of persistent EDM hole machining machine Apos

by:Gewinn     2022-06-05
Heun Machine Tools and Industrial Necessities GmbH, located in Kahl in the Lower Franconia region, is a specialist for more than 20 years in the production of EDM machine tools for machining small holes in carbide materials. EDM machine. The EDM hole machining machine they produce is a function-oriented professional machining machine, which is specially designed to solve the hole machining that cannot be completed by other machining processes due to the characteristics of the material, or is not very economical. For more than 20 years, Heun has provided a series of Apos EDM machines for mold and tool manufacturers in the metalworking field. In the fields of medical equipment, aerospace and automobile manufacturing, EDM hole machining is an important process choice for starting holes, fuel injection nozzles, exhaust, vacuum and cooling holes. 'Heun used the Apos EDM machine to make itself the first manufacturer of EDM equipment with CNC technology on the market. This EDM machine can machine a hole equivalent to a human hair. The depth can reach 1.5m.” said Mr. Rüdiger Heun, head of Heun. The minimum relative motion accuracy that the motor-driven rotary head can achieve is ±1/00, and it can be programmed within a range of ±45°. The circular rotary table specially designed for Apos also meets the requirements for EDM hole machining of Apos machines. The Apos machine can achieve hole machining feeds up to 200mm/min.
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