2019 numerical control tenon machine cracked annatto furniture automation production problems

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Numerical control tenon machine cracked annatto furniture automation production problem, according to an expert at zi deep woodworking machinery, compared with the traditional mechanical, numerical control tenon machine created the degree of automation, machining efficiency and machining precision, and other 'zui' of industry, is the ideal choice of 'mechanical substitution'. The specific have what advantage, to share the following machinery numerical control tenon machine under specific advantage? Summed up the following six o 'clock, in the hope that this article to share to be of benefit. One is the 'man-machine dialogue' is simple and convenient. A programming, use for a long time, can use memory card, U disk, remote editing program, such as the Internet, control operation of machine tool. Secondly, the high processing efficiency. Complex and time-consuming process in the traditional processing equipment to mechanical processing, without Chan line, do not need to die, a clamping finish machining, less time consuming, truly 'mechanical substitution'. Three machining precision is high. When mass production size uniform, classical annatto furniture tenon and mortise dimension can be adjusted by digital control, really can do 'fit', install laid a solid foundation for the next working procedure. Four is a higher safety performance, lower labor intensity of workers. Totally enclosed machine tool processing, processing process, workers don't participate in machining process, only handling the workpiece can be completed, a complete multiple processes within a few minutes, machining process, the inductrial injury accident nearly to zero. Five is to adapt to the diverse joint processing. Through the program editing and selection, which can realize more than 40 joint processing, almost covers the traditional classical annatto furniture in all types of mortise and tenon joint structure. Six is environmental protection, energy saving. Machine use a central vacuuming, work the knife shaft power automatic switch, each time only a spindle motor work, truly 'the intensity of labor, machine spindle motor 1 motor energy consumption'. So, in the social development, and in the innovation of science and technology, industry in the transformation and upgrading. Annatto furniture industry, annatto industry development in recent years have also entered the transformation and upgrading the deepwater area 'of reform. Also want to change, change in the market, annatto enterprise production numerical control transformation will be an inevitable trend. Numerical control tenon machine can improve the work efficiency for the enterprise, to ensure product quality, save labor costs, reduce risk, reduce operating costs, improve enterprise competitiveness. The above numerical control tenon machine six big advantage is enough to see the necessity of annatto furniture production numerical control transformation. And dongguan woodworking machinery factory will adhere to the 'spirit' of the enterprise, rely on faith, and perseverance continuously strives for perfection, annatto furniture production CNC transformation! Professional mechanical tenons vendors would welcome you to inquire business communication.
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