299 connecticut museums and one special child

by:Gewinn     2019-08-09
On a recent Sunday afternoon, when Steve arrived at the Ukrainian Museum and the Stamford Library, he had a 299 figure and a sense of uncertainty in his mind.
\"I\'m not sure how much I can finish today,\" he said of his museum tour, which he has visited 299 times since his Connecticut Museum Discovery site began in 2006.
\"But I will definitely come back and give it the attention it deserves.
\"There are two problems that complicate him.
\'s goal is to extract for his readers something worth traveling to the Ukrainian Museum.
First of all, he is interviewing and taking pictures of the article.
The second one is more familiar: His 9-year-old special-
Need his son Damian, his antics sometimes make the time in the museum too exciting. In 2005, Mr.
, 42, from West Hartford, began thinking about setting up a humorous website for gentle entertainment like the new British Museum of Industry, sorry for the local cultural sites of the eye.
After some research, he determined that although Connecticut is the third-largest state in the country by area, it has more than 600 museums.
\"I used to pass a billboard on Columbus Avenue at a new British Industrial Museum,\" he said . \".
\"It doesn\'t sound like an exciting place where my wife grew up and she never went there and her friends never went there.
So I talked to a friend I wrote to before, and I said, how interesting is it to go to these museums that no one has ever heard of to write about them?
Then he had a problem: the new British Museum of Industry did not bring him such fun.
, a financial researcher at the Day magazine, plans to poke it.
\"We went and retired gentlemen who were volunteers there came and talked to us,\" he said . \".
\"Everything has changed.
The museum is a passion for many people. it\'s really cool and fun.
In October, the first post on his website.
2006, is dedicated to the new British Museum of Industry. (
Title: \"not just boring machines. ”)In it, Mr.
praised the friendly volunteer.
\"For Warren Kingsbury, NBIM is a labor of love,\" the Post wrote . \".
\"For him, the rich industrial history of the new UK is proud and worth sharing.
I knew at once that he was eager for the busy city of 1918 in the evening, not drugs --
It becomes a shell of a city.
It is impossible not to be excited about these things --
Although most of the collection is quite mundane.
\"In the years after that,
not only visited the museum, but also broadened the topics he covered. (
To reflect this evolution, the name of the site is changing to CTMQ. org this month. )
He may now write articles about hiking, breweries, or some kookier personality in Connecticut.
But the challenge of living with Damien has always been an ongoing attraction for some readers, whose birth is in the same year as the birth of the site.
\"People really start to be interested in family stories,\" he said . \".
When Damien was two years old, the test showed he had Smith.
Magenis Syndrome is a rare genetic disease caused by abnormalities on chromosome 17.
People with this syndrome usually have mild to moderate mental disabilities, severe motor delays such as crawling and walking, sleep disorders and hard-to-
Dealing with behavioral issues
\"He may be very difficult or he may scare people . \" said.
\"Two minutes later, we arrived in some places and had to turn around.
\"This is not the case with the Ukrainian Museum, where Damien is busy creating music with a yangqin in one of the galleries, watching folk costumes and pysanky --
Well decorated Easter eggs in Ukrainein another.
\"Damian is a good man.
\"The Boy who performed well,\" museum curator Lubo vorineitz said after the visit . \".
\"I have no indication at all that he has a syndrome.
\"But on the way, Damian started attacking himself in the car, a common feature of children with the syndrome.
\"He will hit his head again and again . \" said.
\"You never know what made him leave.
We always have contingency plans.
Sometimes, however, even if there is a problem with Damian, the woods will move forward.
This was the case last year, when families, including Mr.
\'s wife, Hoang, and their 4-year-old son, Calvin, visited the New England Railroad Museum in Thomas ton.
\"I will give you some details,\" he wrote . \"
posted on the visit in June 1, 2014.
\"But his tantrum forced us to quickly cross the exhibits at the station and the display cars nearby. ”Ms.
said she admired everything her husband had done to the site.
\"It\'s a way to get Damian out and a way to get all of us out, not to stay at home every weekend,\" she said . \".
There are many struggles in Damian, but there are also many achievements.
These are also recorded in wood.
For example, while hiking in the Godard reserve in Granby in 2014, Damian was unsure about a rocking path.
\"But he learned to step on the wood when he passed the stream. he said, \'I see \'. \" said.
\"Now he is no longer afraid.
\"This is a special --
\"The climax we have with him is higher than the parents of any typical child, and that\'s true,\" he said . \". Mr.
said he wanted to break the myth that Connecticut had nothing to do.
But he has another goal.
\"I want to entertain people and I want people to go out and see what they don\'t know is very close to them,\" Mr. said.
\"At the same time, I want people to be aware of families with special needs.
Yes, it\'s hard.
But acceptance is a big deal.
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