45 ° hypotenuse mechanical application scope and product characteristic is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
45° Beveling machine application: 45 & deg; Beveling machine is widely used for avoid shake handshandle drawer panel, door plank, office panels & hellip; … Cant can achieve the effect of the cover! 45° Bevel edge characteristics of mechanical products is introduced: 1, 45 & deg; Cutting unit is equipped with more than one blade of the reserved straight bevel edge of outside comminuted cutting, so that the dust collection, the unit is equipped with the independent minimize dust leakage between aspiration, with visible window, the cutting process is clearly visible, Face to face with the reserved 3 - 10 mm is adjustable) 2, pressure stick unit adopts cant face disposable plate coating principle at the same time, fast and sideband joint to reduce glue temperature to reduce the problem for many times, equipped with pneumatic pressure wheel on both sides respectively to joint bevel edge and face to face with pressure. 3, with slotting unit sideband slot device equipped with pneumatic pressure belt, more stable, adjustment is more convenient, to grooving forming the sideband need or location, sealing side surface of wheel Angle in order to achieve perfect clarity ( Slot height adjustable according to product requirements, also can be adjusted according to the thickness of the webbing slot depth) 4, wind auxiliary unit hidden type wind buckle design, reasonable Angle, the wind out of sideband softening at the same time, also to secondary heating of cloth and rubber surface, make the sealing side effect more perfect. The above is 45 & deg; Hypotenuse mechanical application scope and characteristics of product introduction, if you want to know more information, welcome the telephone consultation have mechanical properties of Qingdao machinery manufacturing factory!
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