46% of German companies are using 'Industry 4.0'

by:Gewinn     2022-06-05
According to a Bitkom survey of 559 industrial companies with more than 100 soft workers, nearly half (46%) of manufacturing companies use Industry 4.0 applications, and another 19% have made specific plans to implement Industry 4.0. In this way, around 65% of German industrial companies are active in Industry 4.0. About 23% of companies in the survey said they have no specific plans to use Industry 4.0, but will consider using them in the future. Only 12% of companies say Industry 4.0 is not currently under consideration. The survey also shows that businesses remain cautious in their investments: While 57 percent use or plan to use Industry 4.0, the average budget is only 4 percent of total revenue. The main goals of Industry 4.0 users and planners are to optimize processes (69%) and increase plant availability (57%). Half of those surveyed want to achieve their customers' personal wishes faster. 44% want to reduce production costs through Industry 4.0, and 19% want to cut personnel costs. The biggest obstacle to implementing Industry 4.0 is the necessary capital utilization, with 75% of respondents pointing out that high investment costs hinder the use of Industry 4.0. Second, 55% and 51% of respondents, respectively, cited the need for data protection and data security as a constraint. Other barriers include complexity of the subject (50%); lack of legal frameworks (40%); concerns about system failure (38%) and lack of standards (36%).
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