6 things to know when buying cabinets

by:Gewinn     2020-06-08
Cabinet style you can choose from three styles of cabinets.
The traditional style is to show the frame with smaller doors.
The full-cover door, similar to the European style, covers almost the entire frame.
European cabinets also have full doors, but there is no frame structure.
The embedded door is flush with the frame. 2.
Wooden cabinet manufacturers offer a large selection of wood used in cabinets.
Combining the selection of wood with the number of stains and finishes, the combination is almost mind-bogglingboggling. Oak -A long-
Recent decline in popularity time favorite.
This wood provides a huge and prominent texture that makes oak so different.
Medium color stains are usually used. Cherry -
Very popular recently, although more expensive than most other species.
Its grain is small.
If you see a very light piece of wood, please replace this piece of wood as this is sap wood.
Cherries can be dyed naturally (clear)
But traditionally, it has been dyed very deep with dark red tones to give full play to the natural red color of the wood.
The cherry is also unique as it darkens as it grows older. Maple -
Known for its light color, Maple is the lightest of all wood.
As a result, most people use maple trees with natural stains or light stains. Birch -
Many people mistake birch trees for maple trees because they are light in color and even grain.
It is also usually contaminated by nature or light. Ash -
People are often used for paint decoration due to color changes, and now people use ash to turn their different colors into interesting cabinets with natural to medium stains. Painted -
More expensive custom cabinets will use high quality hard porcelain paint.
Mass production, even half
Custom cabinets often use hot foil laminate materials on wooden substrates, especially white and almond cabinets.
This finish can go from a very high gloss to a very small \"Cobblestone\" look.
With custom painted cabinets, you can also have two shades or friction where the second color passes (
Almost like a highlight)
In areas where the top paint has been wiped off. 3.
In order to get the best quality, the door should always be solid wood. (
Hot foil paint spray door can be applied to granular or medium fiber board-
Synthetic woodsubstrates. )
Rich in style with different profiles, accents, general and grooves.
Cathedral doors (
There is an arch on top)
Usually used only on upper cabinets.
When you look at the Cabinet, make sure that the joint or Mitter (Angle of 45 degrees)cuts.
The inspection door is plumbed (lay flat)and square (
Angle 90 degrees).
Cracks can also be found on wood.
Any defects like this should be returned and replaced. 4.
Many of the lower quality cabinets will look great once they are hung, as most doors are usually good and sturdy.
But open the drawer and really understand the quality and workmanship of the cabinet.
The best cabinet drawer has dove-tail joints.
These are like teeth, combined to add strength to the corners.
They should also be glued or even nailed with wire (
Little nails with almost no head).
Cheaper cabinets only need to put two vertical parts together.
Opening and closing for several years (
If you have children, you can also beat
Part of the drawer will loosen the nail, the joint will start to open and the drawer will start to fail.
In addition, metal drawer guide rails are used for the best cabinets.
These can be on the side or bottom of the drawer.
Unlike plastic, the metal is subjected to greater pressure and is subjected to breaking or bending, and the metal becomes brittle with age and wear.
With custom cabinets, you can also choose a drawer that is different from the standard drawer, which can slide within a distance of about 3/4 to 7/8. 5.
Very few manufacturers use solid wood frames. Why?
This is extra money for parts that can\'t be seen.
In addition to the front frame, all materials except the front frame usually use wood boards, medium fiber boards or plywood, and the rear frame should be solid wood to match your door.
Sometimes the front of the frame is veneered (
A sheet of veneer wood laminated on the plywood substrate).
If one terminal is docked with another cabinet, it is often not completed --like the back -
Except for \"out of the box\" units (
The finished cabinet you bought in the box).
The exposed sides are usually finished with finishes.
However, I also saw the side of the cabinet finished with wood-
Look at vinyl laminate on very cheap cabinets.
Get a real finished look in a custom or semi-custom
Custom cabinets, order boards like the front door, will be added to the exposed side. 6.
Refrigerator or dishwasher panel with custom cabinets, you can also order the front for your appliance.
Be sure to check whether your brand and model allow cabinets and provide the model and specifications to the cabinet manufacturer.
Many decisions are needed to choose cabinets.
It is helpful to prepare and understand before you start the purchase process.
However, your cabinet is indeed one of the most important elements of your kitchen design, so be careful to make the best decision.
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