600 lathes moves the manufacture of standard machines to china.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
Group 600 tool builders (Leeds, U. K. )
He concluded that it was not economical to make standard engine lathes for export markets in the UK.
Therefore, it has reached a commercial transaction with Dalian Machine Tool Group (Dalian, China)
Make these lathes for its 600 lathes.
600 production-250
Factory staff (Yorkshire, U. K. )
Will focus on T now. S.
\"Electronic \'(half-
NC or combination)
Flat lathe and multiple tornadoes
The famous CNC lathe in AmericaS.
Listed in the name of \"storm.
This year, 600 lathes will be introduced with their \"advanced\" high
High performance, high
Specification for \"engineering\" lathes in the United StatesS. market.
Dr. , chief executive of the 600 Group, said the goal was
Anthsweeten, \"is trying to regain our market share in the United States. S. as inthe past.
Sophia Sweeten refers to providing variable spindle speed/constant surface cutting speed with \"smart\" digital reading
As the output system of the standard lathe control package.
Sweeten said group 600 (www. 600group. com)
It has been decided to build such a standard engine lathe in the United States. K.
Because exports are no longer viable: \"We can\'t sell low --cost/low-
Technology machines for Western prices.
\"Therefore, an agreement was reached with Dalian Machine Tool Group to solve the mass production of the lathe.
600 right of control design, technology, manufacture and sale of lathe.
According to this arrangement, 600 lathes are purchased and brought to the United StatesK. to\"add value\"--
Such as paste control system.
This operation has just begun. The first Dalian-
At the beginning of April, the machine was built on the floor of the Hermond Vic store.
We don\'t see machines in China.
According to the doctor, tool manufacturers are competitors. Sweeten.
\"The machines in Dalian are specially produced for 600 lathes.
In the end, the Chinese market will also need to be \"mature\" and the 600 Group will maintain control over the reputation of the new engine brand, added the next generation Sweeten. \"We had to re-
He said: \"Equipment Dalian factory . \"
\"These engine lathes must be \'world-class, \'and the Chinese want to develop the skills and technical level acceptable to the West.
\"The standard lathe production plant has gone in herkmondwick.
Now the factory has started again.
Organization and renewal
Equipped with a focus on building the Harrison electronic lathe and the center of the Colchester tornado/Storm CNCturning.
\"We are saving jobs and putting resources into areas where we are good at,\" he said . \"Sweeten.
\"We have experienced the worst recession in the machine tool industry and we don\'t need to borrow money. -
We work hard to keep our cash.
To take a financial perspective, Sweeten commented that the last year of the 600 lathes in the United States was a \"good\" yearS. market was1998.
At the demand level of 38%, demand then bottomed out, and demand of 1998/5 will rise.
Storm and Harrison lathes are selling well and more advanced models are also on sale.
So the direction of 600 lath\'u will changeS.
Market, there is a process for review and re-examination
The Education of the dealer network is in progress.
\"We have no plans to abandon our existing dealers . \"Sweeten.
\"Just to strengthen the existing distribution channels and add new distribution channels.
We will make an announcement at Eastec.
\"The way forward includes one of Harrison\'s multi-turn 4000,19 built-in range of CNC flat-panel lathes. swing by 10 ft. betweencenters.
They have GE Fanuc series Oi CNCs with manual instruction and on-board CAM.
These are the United States through 600 s. S.
Industry ,(Kalamazoo of Mich)
The company sells a large number of items to the CNC store for about $50,000 in \"ball park. Dr.
Sweet and Sweet said Clausing (www. clausing-industrial. com)
I also did a good job in Storm sales.
600 what will the lathe show in EMO?
Sweeten did not disclose any secrets, but recommended the use of a flat cnc lathe with a milling spindle
Turret tornadoes/storms, plus more developments in hard turns, may occur.
The reporter got the impression that the lathes event of the 600 group was \"driving like a train\" again \".
\"The group may not be able to disclose its current financial performance ---
Because just before the quarterly results were released-
But financial improvements are possible.
Our European reporter.
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