Back to zero operation of woodworking CNC lathe do you understand?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
A new generation of woodworking machinery: the use of woodworking CNC lathe for woodworking industry brought fresh blood, it basically is combined with a series of advanced technology such as numerical control and mechanical characteristics. But many users for its use is not very understanding, mainly because of its use in the ordinary lathe, there's a big difference in the degree of automation is more, do not need artificial separate control, so reducing the artificial control of trouble and harm. But there are a lot of technology is what we haven't come into contact with, is like a woodworking CNC lathe must carry on the back to zero operation do you understand? Don't know no relationship, small make up today for everyone to introduce its main content, make sure you have the knowledge of it after watching. First of all, let's take a look at what is a return to zero: back to zero is to make the machine tools to know where is the reference point. Jing Chen CNC woodworking lathe had operating system on a key, in the standby interface, press this button machine tool back to zero. What is the reference point: the reference point is a fixed point on the machine tool, CNC woodworking fine Chen lathe proximity switch is used to locate reference points. Woodworking CNC lathe back to zero: the effect of nc lathe can be divided into two kinds of coordinate system, machine tool coordinate system and the workpiece coordinate system, because of the machine tool coordinate system zero reference point is fixed, so the machine coordinate system is the only, while the workpiece coordinate system is zero according to the machining need to set the starting point of processing products, we press and the key is to set up the workpiece zero point of the process, so that the workpiece coordinate is change, but the workpiece coordinate system of the zero point are the zero point of machine tool coordinate system as a reference. General woodworking CNC lathe need to back to the time of each boot machinery back to zero, so what good? We have a foolproof way, back to zero is zero point for machine tools, it is used to determine whether we set the relative position of the workpiece zero, our system will record this, if in machining process for abnormal situation, Such as tool carriage appeared the impact or tool post feed resistance step motor cannot normal rotation is often lost phenomenon usually accompanied by whistlers) Will happen at this time, we set the workpiece zero offset, also is the beginning of processing position change, lead to processing the product size and we have different expectations set, then we have to go back to a zero can trim we set workpiece coordinate zero, no need to reset. If we don't have to set the workpiece zero point before operation back to zero, then throw step occurs after the workpiece zero point will not be able to nap, but if you don't consider these factors, woodworking CNC lathe not to return to zero operation can be normal use. Through the above understanding we know why woodworking CNC lathe operation back to zero, how to do this operation, in the later we will provide more knowledge concerning the operation of the woodworking CNC lathe.
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