Ball bearings help reduce gearbox size

by:Gewinn     2022-05-01
Recently, Japan Seiko has developed a backing plate-integrated ball bearing suitable for automobile gearboxes, which will help realize the miniaturization of gearboxes. According to reports, the backing plate is a component used to fix the bearing on the gearbox housing. Compared with the separate installation of the backing plate and the ball bearing, the combination of the two is more conducive to shortening the length of the gearbox, which can shorten the length by 4mm. It can contribute to the compactness and weight reduction of T/M, the securing of space in the engine compartment, and the multi-shift of T/M. In addition, this product adopts a special-shaped retaining ring and the inner buckle of the backing plate. After inserting the backing plate, the retaining ring is opened, so that the backing plate can rotate smoothly relative to the outer ring of the bearing, and at the same time, it can improve the installation of the backing plate to the gearbox. work efficiency in the case. According to reports, the product is mainly used in manual transmission (MT) and dual clutch transmission.
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