Band saw operation standard book

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
A, job preparation 1, 2 will work place is clean, check the sharp tool, looseness is appropriate for assignment 3, check the sawing card, after the pulley is normal, check the blade tension appropriate 4, check the power supply, commissioning, Machines idle for 30 seconds) And check whether the machine is normal 5, ready to timber and accessories ( Plate, etc. ) , ready to work 2, 1, operating procedures, power supply is connected to the machine working normally start work after 2, adjust the distance of saw card and mesa, next saw card is installed under the machine mesa, saw the card on the position according to the processing of material thickness to adjust, general machining surfaces 40 - — It is advisable to 50 mm 3, after adjusting pulley and the distance of the saw blade, general saw blade from 0. 5 - — It is advisable to 1 mm, then close cover. Normal processing saw card, after the pulley can turn 4, according to the production process and matching template, on a workpiece sawing machine 5, each processing, must do a good job first check 6, in the process of machining end want to do a good job in July and self-checking homework, cut off power supply, cleaning the scene three, note 1 it is forbidden to wear loose clothes, homework personnel, sleeves rolled to above the elbow or new QQ tight, long hair must be set up, and 2, install the saw blade are not allowed to wear gloves, must pass the power, hand pull (round saw blade for the application, check whether the tension is appropriate. Whether the balance on the wheel and the wheel and run idle, confirm no abnormal phenomenon may work; 3, saw blade in sawing open road, pay attention to the sawtooth shall not deviate from the saw body is too small or too large, generally for sawing thickness of 0. 6 to 1. 2 times; Slants big, sawtooth easy off and material waste; Partial hours, binging phenomenon, stand still when the blade is brittle 4, operating, 'ma bu' or horse stance just look hand not to get too close to the saw blade in sawing blade operation is fastening card 5, feeding smooth, not too fast too hard; The feast, turning and saw to want to slow down at the end, hand to grasp, according to the materials; Shape of the arc large parts can be divided into several sawing, sawing line drawing attention to keep the line shape parts. When sawing long parts to two people with 6 operation, it is forbidden to shut off the power after use of inertia sawing equipment materials, in case of damage to the blade 7, often running before and after a sudden saw blade in channeling, and uttered a broken ( Broken bar) Or saw blade saw wheel rotates around move, a sudden drop phenomenon, must cut off power supply, timely treatment of 8, for analyzing the reason, he always wipe clean diesel on the saw blade, with iron saw wheel, eliminate the sticking to the saw blade, saw the wood tar on the wheel, resin 9, pay attention to every 2 hours at a time machine, lest make thermal expansion elongation machine tensioning device failure or saw blade, appear off the phenomenon. Homework to relax after 10 Chinese furniture theory of saw blade, sudden accidents shall be immediately shutdown check 11, after processing, must cut off power supply, with dust blower gun to clean the inside of the machine, must not be allowed to use hand to touch, in order to avoid hurting hands four per shift and maintenance instructions the machine operator should check whether there is any loose on the missing screws, per shift work has been completed, should clean the machine, to ensure the workbench and tidy, and cheer for elevator parts.
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