Band saw woodworking machinery operation technology

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Operation technology: the band sawing machine generally for manual operation, sawing large artifacts should be equipped with two people, from top to bottom. Linear sawing, to fit the workpiece steady hand, tiejin saws, forward horizontally, long expected to slightly operator, to make the back-end work not below the table. Feed rate should be according to the material properties and the workpiece size appropriate control, pushing in the fierce collision and saw blade is prohibited. In workers saw back 200 mm, the hand can pick up. Artifacts back end near the sawtooth 200 mm, the overhand should sell namely, lower after the workpiece see-saw. After driving saw blade has not reached the highest speed, don't send into the workpiece, in order to avoid the sudden increase motor load. Appeared in the process of work such as binging, shall lay their hands on the workpiece curf to forcibly separated from both sides, do not retreat, so as to avoid blade drops. Article appears to run saw, channeling Saw blade back and forth) Wait for a circumstance, namely should stop on the saw blade, saw material ( Road) Check sawing, saw card, wheel, etc, for normal operation after the blade, and then to sawing. When work table saw blade pathways have broken wood debris blocking, used sticks from, do not use through her fingers. To prevent bonding resin wood saw blade, saw wheel wheel surface, increase the friction between blade, saw wheel and resistance, available in kerosene scrub.
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