Band saw woodworking machinery safety device

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29
Saw wheel should be completely closed, saw wheel cover of cylindrical surface should be as a whole. Saw on the CARDS and saw wheel cover cover protective device should be between the front of the saw blade and the two sides, and can automatically adjust, with saw card. Saw card should adhere to the saw blade, gently, not tight card the saw blade, rolling with the hand saw blade should be no card plug phenomenon.

band sawing machine mainly adopts hydraulic adjustable closed shield block high-speed saw blade, the exposed part adapted to the size of the sawing wood, for cutting can not only effectively, but also in blade & other; Shooting & throughout; Or broken bars, sawing off, spill control blade collapse, disorderly, to avoid harming the operator, at the same time can prevent workers fingers by accident in the process of operating blade damage accident. For cutting blade bare area, to facilitate the operator to observe and control, also should set up the corresponding mesh shield, prevent processing such as sawdust collapse caused personal injury accidents.

band sawing machine downtime, due to the effect of inertia force will continue to roll, at this point, the hand accidentally hit a saw blade, will cause the fire to make it stop quickly, saw disc brake controller should be installed. The band saw broken, also can use sawing disk brake, make it stop.
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