Based on numerical control woodworking lathe failure can be divided into which a few kinds

by:Gewinn     2020-04-07
Numerical control woodworking lathe is now the main use of wood processing industry equipment, its processing and high efficiency, high precision, cost savings, has brought good economic benefit for the enterprise. But it is a good equipment will fail, failure is not terrible, it is good to solve the. Here small make up will introduce you to the numerical control woodworking lathe based on the fault location into which a few kinds. 1 host fault of numerical control woodworking machine host usually refers to CNC machinery, lubrication, cooling and chip removal part, hydraulic, pneumatic and protection, etc. Host common faults are: 1) Because of mechanical parts installation, testing, caused by improper operation of mechanical transmission fault; 2) Because of guide rail, spindle interference of the moving parts, such as excessive friction on the causes of failure; 3) Due to the damage of the mechanical parts, such as bad connection causes of failures, etc. Numerical control woodworking lathe host fault mainly for transmission noise big, poor machining precision, running resistance, mechanical parts, mechanical parts damaged stopped working. Poor lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic system of pipeline jam and seal bad, is the host of the main causes of failure. Numerical control woodworking machine maintenance regularly, maintenance, control and eradicate the phenomenon of 'three leakage is one of the important measures to reduce the host part of the fault. 2 electrical control system fault from the type of electrical components, according to the commonly used, electrical control system fault is usually divided into two major categories of failure of weak current and high voltage. Elv part refers to the control system is given priority to with electronic components, integrated circuit 椌 system parts. Numerical control woodworking machine elv part including CNC, PLC, CRT, and servo drive unit, input and output unit, etc. Weak current fault and the hardware and software failures. Hardware failure refers to the integrated circuit chips, discrete electronic components of each part, splicing and external connected component failure. Software refers to the hardware of movement error under normal circumstances, loss of data, such as fault, common processing program error, system programming and parameter changes or missing, computer error, etc. High voltage part refers to the primary circuit in the control system or high voltage, high power circuit of relay, switch, fuse, power transformers, motors, electromagnet, stroke switches and other electrical components and its 椌 system consisting of a circuit. Although this part of the fault, diagnosis, maintenance more convenient, but because it is in high voltage, large current working state, the probability of failure is higher than elv part, must cause the attention of maintenance personnel. Above is based on numerical control woodworking lathe fault location can be divided into two categories, the hope can help to you.
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