Based on the machine when the choose and buy of four-point proposal

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Mechanical when the choose and buy some knowledge is a must see, specific as follows: a: first to determine the need to processing artifacts shape characteristic, as well as the use sealing side of material category, work efficiency and workpiece quality requirements, etc. , only clear the final requirement, can choose to the appropriate type of equipment. 2: straight line equipment is mainly used in office furniture structure is relatively simple operating, in the choose and buy and configuration is mainly from the consideration on the yield and basic function is ok, the real wood sealing side, the need to increase its device, etc. , to understand the needs of different materials in different process, according to the need to select the machinery. Three: for curve sealing side, there are a lot of manufacturers adopted manual equipment to machining curved parts, because some equipment parts on the inner arc, equipment can be processed by the diameter of the wheel, and the operation is very simple and convenient, in terms of investment and very economical. Four: if considering the investment restrictions, can also choose to manually type equipment used in conjunction with automatic type line equipment, the fit between them foot can meet the requirements of general processing products sealing side, such not only high efficiency, and less investment. To sum up, the choose and buy the machine must be according to its processing quality and the consideration on the aspects of market demand, so as to make more equipment and the combination of economy.
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