Basic introduction to woodworking polisher

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Hercynian her new machinery co. , LTD is a professional woodworking polisher mechanical equipment manufacturers, assume that we have any demand on the woodworking polisher mechanical equipment can get in touch with us: oh, I'm waiting for the company as a whole staff and our collaboration. Small make up to today and let's introduce the knowledge of woodworking machinery polishing polishing machine. Woodworking cutting, polishing machine mechanical equipment mechanical polishing is to rely on material surface plastic deformation after removed by polishing the convex part of the smooth surface polishing method, commonly used article oil stone, wool wheel, abrasive paper, etc. , with manual operation is given priority to, special components such as the surface of solid of revolution, but using tools such as turntable, high surface quality requirement can choose ultra lapping method. Ultra lapping is to choose special grinding tool, in containing abrasive and polishing liquid, press on the processed workpiece surface, high-speed rotary motion. Use this technique can reach Ra0. 008μ M's surface roughness, is among the highest in all kinds of polishing method. Optical lens mold often choose this method.
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