Beginners CNC woodworking lathe should master the knowledge

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Now learning CNC woodworking lathe friend very much, just started learning how to may be more trouble should not be laid hands on him, should study? There are many training school, will give us, but a lot of friends directly involved in the work, don't know how to begin, today we antai CNC for you tell me the basic knowledge of the numerical control woodworking lathe! 1, must learn to see the machine drawing, make their own simple drawing, 2, master often use operation method, machining process, process analysis ( Is the most important basic problem: the possibility of processing, processing of economy) 3, learn to use computer mapping ( Common AutoCAD, Pro/E, UG, Pro/E, UG can directly after the draw graphics for CNC machine tools used in the G code, directly through the communication to the CNC machine tools, processing directly, in addition, they also have dynamic realistic function of nc machine tools simulation processing) We learned knowledge to apply to the actual operation, quickly familiar with CNC woodworking lathe, today we will to everyone about the three points into action (knowledge, hope to be of help!
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