behind the cover: how the “favorites issue” art was made

by:Gewinn     2019-08-08
In April, we began planning art for the first edition of The Post\'s favorite magazine.
We want something interesting.
After considering more than 40 artists, we came to Snask, a Swedish creative agency responsible for branding, design and film.
We like the cover picture that Snask came up with, but don\'t know how it was built. (
What is the hot dog made? ! )We e-
Post the Snask founder and creative director fredriköst for information.
Edit gently for length and clarity.
What is the image of the favorite question inspired?
At Snask, we made a lot of designs by hand.
We started learning how to use design software from an early age.
After that, we were all educated in design, which usually started with ideas, pens and paper, and then were brought to computers and software.
What we like to do is take out the design from the computer again and make it by hand in a very tactile way.
For this particular design, we want to capture the essence of each category in the design and illustration of each letter of the word \"favorite\" by creating fun, unique and physical icons that reflect the features of each subject, all in different materials.
For example, choose a clean, stylish Art Deco font made of glass to create the essence of a fancy cocktail for the theme \"drinking.
\"How many hours does this project take to complete?
100 to 200 hours were allocated among five people.
Main design and execution of Snask designer Magdalena Czarnecki & Richard Gray.
Does it usually take longer to think or execute?
Each project is very different.
If the idea is not easy, we will stick to it all the time.
In this case, we got it very quickly, because we are also proud of the execution work, so it takes longer than the idea.
How big is the actual artwork? 1. 5 m high. 9 meters wide. (
5 feet by 3 feet)
Is \"T\" made of woodworking equipment?
How did you do it?
Yes, it is made of plywood and cut out with a cutting machine with water.
What about \"S?
Is it made of stone?
\"S\" is made of concrete and also cut out with a water cutter.
What is the hot dog made? Modeling clay.
Do you have the neon \"me\" on your hand?
Or did you buy one for this project?
We ordered real neon lights from the Italian brand Seletti.
Put this project together. What did you learn?
Yes, we learn from everything we do.
This is a very interesting project.
The hardest thing is to plan and shoot everything.
It is very important to paint on \"A\" because we only have one chance to do it well, otherwise it will take A lot of work to redo it.
What is the origin story of Snask?
When was it established?
Snask was founded in 2007 by fredriköst and Magnus Berg.
We believe in standing up and having our own ideas.
Constantly challenge the conservative world by making enemies and winning fans.
In this world and in our industry, there are enough old people who have too much power.
We decided to challenge this.
Why are you calling yourself Snask?
What does this mean?
Magnus and I started the company in a student dormitory in the north of the United States. K.
Where we learn graphic design
In college, we often talk about eye sugar, which is an expression that we don\'t use much in Sweden.
So we decided to call ourselves Snask because in Old Swedish slang it means candy, dirty and gossip.
The plan is to open an agency in London or New York, where no one knows what it means, and we can use it like \"we will ask you,\" Sometimes I will ask, \"Sweet Mother of Snask,\" \"I\'ll keep Snask you,\" Snask Off! ” and so on.
Finally, we moved back to Sweden where everyone knows the meaning of the name, which is quite controversial for a business, for reasons I don\'t understand.
Just because you\'re wearing a black suit doesn\'t mean you\'re successful.
Again, just because you have a prominent name doesn\'t mean you\'re not professional.
Again, it\'s the old, conservative world that hates our name, and it\'s totally okay for us because they\'re our No. 1 enemy.
How many employees did you have at the beginning?
How much do you have now?
We had only two people at the beginning, and now we are nine years old.
We have the idea that we want to have a team where everyone is a superstar in what they do.
Not an institution where all credits can be obtained only at the top level.
You do brand and design, create stopSports and live broadcast
Action video, creative start-up lectures, operating record companies, designing your own three-
Fast pink bikes for sale in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
What are you not doing?
What should we not do, haha.
This is a good question.
In addition to what you just said, we also have our own creative conference, called Yay Festival, and our own track and field, called Snask & field.
I think we like to live a fun life that we call Snask Way or live a Snask lifestyle.
This means that we not only go to work, but also go to hobbies.
We can turn ideas into reality.
We don\'t have our own country yet.
In the world of CGI and Photoshop, why are you dealing with real objects?
Just because we find that working with our hands is more passionate than sitting in front of the screen.
There are some great artists and agencies that do great work in CGI and Photoshop, so don\'t get me wrong.
We just feel that the way Snask is to make things feel tactile in the hands and in the real way.
Do you have a tradition in the workplace? I guess we do.
We travel somewhere for a week every year with everyone.
We did two this year.
We just got back from Barcelona for a week and are going to New York in September.
On top of that, we have a bar so it usually ends there every Friday.
We have a traditional Christmas quiz.
Last year, we all drove a pink limousine, singing karaoke, drinking champagne and allowing our phones to shoot.
Well, it\'s very interesting and I really think it\'s going to be a tradition.
When you start a project, what is the first thing you do?
In many cases, we have rewritten it because we think it is incorrect to be short.
After checking with the customer, we sat down with all the people involved and conceived.
In the process, we usually do a lot of research and collect references for what we want to do.
It sounds boring.
I should have lied that we put the pink feather in the balloon and sent it to space to start every project.
What is the biggest (
Scale, time, or importance)
What projects have you dealt?
Wow, it depends.
We renamed the largest investment bank in Northern Europe to the Nordic market. That was big.
But the most impressive thing is last year\'s largest city festival in Scandinavia, Malmo Festival, and we decided to turn their poster into an art device to make the biggest poster ever, measure 13 by 9 m (43 by 29. 5 feet)in real life.
We have to be 30 m in order to shoot the poster and make the angle correct (33 yards)up in the air.
After promoting the festival for three months, people come to the festival and can actually climb up and interact with the real devices that stand proud on the street.
Malmo Music Festival has just won the highest White Gold Award at the creative international awards.
Do you really have your own beer?
Can we get some?
We are now creating our own brewery with the famous PangPang brewery in Sweden. So yes!
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