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by:Gewinn     2019-08-18
New Delhi: The harmonious fusion of sparkling steel, colorful art and underground tasteful jali panels contrasts sharply with the ground scene of the upcoming Pink line Delhi Metro Naraina station
Above the modern quiet 18 m, it is the chaos of the city, and the crowded Narana village and residential area are closely linked to the subway station.
Densely populated villages face enormous challenges in the construction process, and as an official at the railway company said, we have to use building technology that has never been used elsewhere on the Web.
The officer said that traffic management on the narrow lanes leading to the station box space was a big problem, and during the movement of our large machinery, we could not hinder the life of the residential area.
Land acquisition is also a nightmare, and the station is located right below the existing DDA shopping center.
The DMRC only has room to build in and out of the gate and has to fight for the extra land.
After the owner was initially reluctant to move out of the complex, we had to sign a memorandum of understanding for them to allow them to build and then move into a new shopping complex to build for them, the official revealed, pointed out multiple
Pink buildings in the distance.
Space is so scarce that the DMRC does not have the land to build the shaft to lower the tunnel rig, which is the first time a station box and tunnel are built using the same space.
It took us 30 days to get 427-
The official said that more than 210 m tons of drilling machines ensure that the platforms that have been built will not be harmed during the tunnel construction.
This also means that, unlike tunnel construction elsewhere, the rigs here can only move 20 metres a day.
There is no parking space at the Naraina metro station, so a dedicated lane has been laid for easy pick-up.
This will be welcomed by 1.
5 lakh people who may use the station.
The new station is located in parts of naranna Vihar, naranna village and Shadipur, the industrial zone of Loha Mandi and Mayapuri.
With the congestion on the ground, the station below is an oasis of aesthetics.
Artists from all over Delhi have invited entries, and the winning works are reproduced in the form of 40 digital printed glass panels.
Traditional jali works are decorated on the station platform to provide redand-pink-
Sandstone atmosphere.
The station was ready to open, but some residents were unhappy.
Shailendera Vashisht Kumar, chairman of a business comprehensive Welfare Association in Dalian development zone, complained that the residents of naraina were unhappy and resentful because the gate of the station posed a threat to their safety and violated their privacy.
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