Bench-mounted lasers will speed up the production of Mini passenger cars

by:Gewinn     2022-05-26
Trumpf will supply BMW with 14 disc lasers that will be used to weld parts in BMW's 'Mini' passenger car in Swindon, Great Britain. This is a Trudisk type disc-type conventional laser welding unit, available since October 2012. The laser welding device is operated by a robot, and the entire operation process is remote-controlled. Several automotive manufacturers have appreciated the flexibility and seam calibration of the Trudisk-type disc laser welding unit. The unit is robust and durable, and can be remotely operated for brazing or conventional welding without the seam offset problems common with other laser welding units, saving the cost of purchasing spare parts. In addition, the device is easy to operate, which can save the cost of on-the-job training for operators. The manufacturer of the Trudisk type disc laser conventional welding device has been praised by the automobile manufacturing industry on the Internet. If one laser welding device fails during operation, another device can immediately take over the welding operation without downtime, and continue. mission accomplished.
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