Biaxial nc woodworking lathe inevitable drawbacks exist

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
With the development of science and technology, numerical control technology is now spreading on the wood lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe processing the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, cost has become now the use of the main equipment of wood processing industry. Is the earliest single axis numerical control woodworking machine, but then the single axis numerical control woodworking lathe can't satisfy the processing requirements, so in a single shaft is added on the basis of a shaft, which formed at the same time of biaxial nc woodworking lathe processing two products. But as time goes by and technology progress, we found that the biaxial nc woodworking lathe inevitable drawbacks exist. 1, biaxial nc woodworking lathe body than a single axis CNC woodworking lathe frame to at least 300 mm high, so it must increase the fuselage base, and to improve the body weight, or body will tremble badly; Fuselage high prices at the same time, also more strict to the requirement of production process, dynamic balance does not reach the designated position, the fuselage jitter is inevitable; There is, biaxial nc woodworking lathe noise is compared commonly big, this is mainly due to the rotation drive resonance than double spindle of CNC woodworking lathe, the resonance of resonant affects the processing quality, will affect the service life of the airframe and guide and bearing; To judge the stand or fall of wood lathe, not by function, we know that is timely and effective drug to bring of pleasant sensation, but it can't last, biaxial nc woodworking lathe also has this characteristic. Therefore, the company become a start is not decided to do biaxial nc woodworking lathe. 2, biaxial nc woodworking lathe to the requirement of the motor power is different also, calculate by processing a diameter of 300 logs, biaxial motor if you need to 5. 5 kw, uniaxial only need 4 kw is enough. When we need only one product in one time, biaxial nc woodworking lathe to use the extra power resources, this creates unnecessary waste production. 3, biaxial nc woodworking lathe not equipped with automatic feeding clamp, if can, that is quite high, adjust the feeding position is more troublesome, rarely seen two-axis CNC woodworking lathe adopts automatic feeding device. Above is the two-axis CNC woodworking lathe inevitable shortcomings, hope to be of service.
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