Biaxial nc woodworking lathe used to solve the problem of traditional lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Wood lathe in constant development and progress, from the previous manual production to the use of the lathe to numerical control woodworking lathe travel, in the woodworking industry the emergence of new technology and machine for wood processing power. At the same time in the process of using we will encounter many problems, in the progress of science and technology, we constantly find and solve problems, so to be able in constant development and progress. Use of two-axis CNC woodworking lathe to solves the problem of not woodworking industry, our specific look at! Biaxial nc woodworking lathe equipment adopts biaxial four knife cutting method, at the same time processing only products of the same. Manipulation is simple, convenient, simple drawing, a key transformation product style, no professional knowledge training to operation. Solve the problem of difficult technology of numerical control technology and so on. One person can operate 2 - at the same time 3 woodworking lathes, which not only improves the machining efficiency, also save labor costs for the customer, to bring good economic benefits. According to characteristics of different wood products processing and easy operation, and is divided into the following characteristics: 1, the nc machining control system is my company independent research and development patent product, has simple operation, effective control of machining accuracy and consistency of product is high and adapted to the domestic ordinary workers operating habits, etc. 2, its operation interface to technical training after a long time, even if is mastered, for a common stair columns, the proofing also takes a long time. But with abundant technology production CNC lathe play a piece of the same sample for less than half an hour. 3, using high performance inverter, the inverter control, stepless speed change, save electricity, according to the workpiece size real-time adjusting speed, guarantee the efficiency and stability when turning. 4, the biaxial four knife processing at the same time, the design of the knife before and after that you can reduce the workpiece processing, according to different processing requirements, are free to adjust turning proportion, can satisfy the demands of high precision workpiece machining. 5, numerical control woodworking lathe using alloy cutting tools, turning sharp, can be adapted to the different wood processing, tooling cost is low, and back knife lathe cutter should be controlled in 2000 yuan commonly, can be expensive, especially to place an order for 3000 pieces of the following is more economical. 6, machine tool USES the mechanical design of science, cast iron, wear-resisting durable, good stability. Equipped with precision ball screw and high-quality high-power step-motor, can rapid transmission, improve processing efficiency. 7, perfect after-sales service team to ensure that the customers can rest assured to use, after buying equipment to meet the needs of customers as the goal, is willing to wood products processing industry of new and old customers to provide quality services to make unremitting efforts. Above is the main characteristics of biaxial nc woodworking lathe, in the process of using it brings us a lot of aspects, but also solve a lot of the technical difficulties, believe in numerical control woodworking lathe will develop better in the near future.
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