big dig wraps for eglinton crosstown lrt

by:Gewinn     2019-08-22
Easttotunnelling of Eglinton Crosstown LRT is now completed after the eastern tunnel rig (TBMs)
Reached their final destination at Yonge St.
Metrolinx announced on Wednesday.
The western section of the project was completed in May.
\"Don and Humber have arrived.
The tunnel works are now completed @ crosstowto!
Metrolinx said on Twitter.
\"Once it\'s done, @ crosstowto will be a comprehensive traffic line connecting 3 TTC stations, 3 GO stations and @ UPexpress stations.
\"Don and Humber are the names of the two tunnels that complete the eastern tunnel, named after the river.
Metrolinx says naming is a tradition of projects specifically purchased and built for machines.
Dennis and Lea are TBMs that dig the western tunnel, named after the Dennis Hill and the lee side community.
Here\'s what happened more than three years ago since the beginning of the tunnel: the western tunnel :-6. 4 kilometres. —
From Dr. Blake Creek.
TBMs reached their Yonge St on June 2013.
Destination in May 2016—
Each tunnel has 25,647 prefabricated concrete tunnel sections installed, and 4,279 rings are formed along the Shuangdong and westbound tunnels.
Eastern tunnel :-3. 3 kilometres. —
Starting at Brent Cliff Road.
TBMs arrived at Yonge St on September 2015. Wednesday. —
Each tunnel has 26,178 prefabricated concrete tunnel sections installed, and 4,363 rings are formed along the Shuangdong and westbound tunnels.
Tunnel Tunneling machinery (TBMs):—
6 machines per machine.
5 m in diameter, 10 m in length, weighing 400 tons (
Similar to about 80 African elephants). —
Metrolinx purchased these four TBMs in 2010 at a total cost of $54 million. —
TBMs was manufactured by Caterpillar, a Toronto company. —Operate 16-
At a speed of 10 m per day, it is less than 20 m on the ground. —
The soil in the drill is collected by TBMs, transported back to the conveyor belt, loaded into the railcar and transported to the launch well of Keelesdale Park, where it is lifted and stored until it is removed.
Fact :-
Light Rail line 19 kilometers from Dennis Mountain (Weston Rd. )
To Kennedy station. —
10 kilometers from Kiir Street is underground. to Laird Dr. —
It is expected to complete 2021. —
The total amount of earth extracted from the tunnel can fill the volume of the Canadian Aviation Center and the height of the CN Tower.
Dmckenzie @ postmedia.
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