Board type custom furniture production line structure

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Simple about board type custom furniture production line structure: now with the rapid ascension of intelligent manufacturing computer design software, using computer design furniture, can according to customer's room space size, specific furniture is decorated, and then the computer open order, and the optimal portfolio according to different size of panel, generate reasonable layout, plank utilization can be enhanced greatly. And then export processing code, input a CNC cutting machining. Output in cutting processing program, would also generate sealing side, platoon drill holes, each customer name and the collection of information such as the names of parts of the plate, plate specifications of bar code label. Sealing side, stiletto to plank, installation, according to the bar code can be quickly difference, to achieve fast data docking work. Automatic up-down material cutting machine which is different from traditional nc equipment large and is blended in automatic and automatic cutting equipment, greatly saves manpower production cost, improve the production efficiency, improve the machining accuracy. And the furniture of the data by computer design, imported into the equipment, can realize the automatic labeling, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic blanking process. Automatic edge banding machine sealing side is an important process in the process of board type furniture manufacturing, sealing side quality fit and unfit quality directly affects the quality and grade of the product. Speed bully automatic edge banding machine has preliminary milling, glue welt, front and back neck, refinement, scraping, polishing, and other functions, effectively reduce the operating personnel's technical requirements, reduce labor costs, and improve the production efficiency and precision. Laser laser drilling horizontally traditional furniture punching equipment operation requires high technical requirements, the need to have professional experience in mechanic drilling operation, and the production efficiency is slow, error rate is high. Laser in the laser drilling horizontally and speed without any experience, simple operation training to mount guard. This is what people often say that the furniture of side hole machine, not only fundamentally solve the problem of the side hole processing, and there are a variety of patterns to choose from, blind holes, not dozen wood pin hole, the back model, standard wood pin, etc. The level of intelligent drill, easy-to-install operating mode, can not spend heavily to be able to hit the number of the high quality. The above is board type custom furniture production line structure. A: furniture furniture production equipment, production equipment manufacturer to tell you about the main species under a: do you know the application range of the emery cloth roll
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