Board type furniture production line heat big solutions

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Board type furniture is man-made board base material, mainly in panel for disassembling the basic structure of modular furniture. Use man-made board with grain board, plywood, joinery board, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, etc. Board type furniture is all by the surface decoration of man-made plank can be connected with the add hardware furniture, with a removable, abound change shape, appearance fashion, it is not easy deformation, basic features, stable quality, affordable price, etc. Board type furniture plywood ( Splint) Often used to make bending deformation of furniture; Joinery board performance is sometimes influenced by board core material; Particle board ( Also called particle board, bagasse board) Texture osteoporosis, only for cheap furniture. High performance-to-price ratio, is commonly used medium density fiberboard (MDF) ( MDF) 。 Board type furniture common facing materials are two sub-companies named seaport ( Commonly known as stick wood) , wood grain paper ( Commonly known as sticker) , PVC plastic board, polyester paint, Commonly known as) of the lacquer that bake And so on. Today furniture production equipment panel furniture production line just to tell you about big calorific value should be how to solve, learn together. Set a special cooling system. At the motor stator and shell connecting planning cycle cooling water jacket, water to use the data of thermal resistance small, set of outer ring machining spiral water. Motor operations, to participate in circulating cooling water in the sink, to strengthen cooling, cooling water inlet temperature should be strictly controlled, and some have pressure and flow rate. Other, in order to avoid motor heat effects main sleeve bearing, spindle should try to choose large thermal resistance data, make the mechanical and electrical machine carving heat first through an air gap to the stator, rotor absorbed by the cooling water away. Board type furniture production line bit at the edge of the simple present when drilling blasting phenomenon is how to return a responsibility? If do not have a back taper drill itself, bit itself is not coaxial ( To beat big) , little bit pointed ( A cutting edge Than the center point is high, these reasons can be formed when drilling hole blasting in edge phenomenon. Processing method is to strict inspection above, all parameters of the said to do fit product drawing requirements. Else, use if the machine tool spindle and quick change connectors don't coaxial, use machine tool of compaction equipment lack of equipment, pressure not, workpiece shaking while drilling, also can form when drilling blasting. Processing method is to check the quick change connectors, machine tool spindle, pressure fit machine parameters, such as use requirement. When drilling small orifice and large exports. Board type furniture production line bit itself to beat ( Don't coaxial) , in addition to the present drilling small orifice and large exports, still can cause explosion orifice edge. Processing method is to do bit of inspection, strict control of beating. Else, use machine if not coaxial spindle and quick change connectors, can also cause hole orifice small and large exports. Processing method is to replace quick change connectors and spindle. A: saw and electronic computer under the main difference between a material saw: share some small tips office furniture odor removal
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