Boca St. Nisberg: High-performance centerless grinder seeks Chinese partner

by:Gewinn     2022-05-27
BOCCAu0026MALANDRONE SUNEBO S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of centerless grinding machines, known for their robustness, stability, precision and reliability. The company's highlight at CIMES 2010 is the centerless grinder BMS R90 CF for plunge and through grinding. The company's sales and marketing manager, Mr. Adriano Ubaudi, was interviewed by a reporter from CMJ China Machinery and Metals. He said that there are three models of centerless grinders currently produced by Boca St. Nisburg, and in terms of design, all products can be penetrated. Grinding and Plunge Grinding guarantee maximum flexibility for the user. It is understood that the company's centerless grinders all use numerical control devices, the bed is made of electric welded steel plate, and the interior is filled with special elastic concrete to absorb vibration. The high precision of the machine tool is guaranteed by high rigidity. Adriano Ubaudi told the author that the centerless grinder of Boca St. Nisburg adopts the design method of hydrostatic guide and dynamic spindle. The adaptability of different parts is very high; second, the company's centerless grinder is a 'fixed center grinder ime, and can maintain smooth movement and high precision during processing; third, due to the use of hydrostatic guide rails, this design makes there no direct contact friction between parts, which significantly reduces the loss of parts, and the life is about half a year from ordinary bearings. Extended to a maximum of 15 years. Mr. Adriano Ubaudi emphasizes: 'Our company's products are not only excellent in performance, longevity and reliability, but also at an attractive price. Because our company's grinding machines focus on specialization, unnecessary functions are simplified, thereby reducing the cost of cost.' He also said that Boca is very optimistic about the Chinese market and hopes to seek partners in China to build its own production plant.
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