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by:Gewinn     2019-08-18
Its middle name is \"borin \".
A verb, not an adjective, although the lazy, dull noise it makes may suggest other situations.
Tunnel digging machine or boring machine-
As said in the office of Bandra Mumbai Metro (MMRC)—
19,000 rupees must be executed-
Crore civil engineering project.
Within two years, it must
With 16 of its kind.
From Colaba to Bandra, the rock stomach lining through Mumbai
Seepz prepares the longest underground tunnel in the country, 33. 5-km-
Long metro network III.
In order to study the composition of this lower abdomen, 367 narrow holes must be dug per kilometer and data must be dug into the contractor to plan the project.
When máhim\'s Naya Nagar\'s TBM is already working, 17 TBMs are all on their mark ready to chew through gravelsand-and-clay-
Filled with concrete cakes, it is dotted with ruthless traffic, trees and buildings.
This is more than one
Layered cake attracts foreign engineering interns eager to meet the huge challenges on their resumes, as simple as it infuriates activists who worry about losing trees, members of minority communities worry about losing their heritage, and other citizens worried about the wreckage of the plane.
\"How many expats do we have?
\"Soft K Gupta
Oral director (project)
Asked by MMRC.
\"Not an expert,\" he said . \"\"Expats. Foreigners.
\"\'Expert\' is redundant because the 34 foreigners who form the brain of the project are hired because of their international experience in these projects.
To understand the scale of the operation, please digest these numbers: 6.
5 tons of cement, 2 tons.
5 tons of steel bars and 4,000 workers.
While this may be reminiscent of the image of a beating big heart, like a control room with a real heart --
When CCTV\'s channel flashes on the screen, the project is too big to manage from one room.
Therefore, at present, the workflow is designed, managed, controlled and monitored by consultants from nine countries, including China, Japan, France and the United Kingdom, in different locations.
An official said the work was similar to managing more than 50 projects due to the planning of 27 stations. Hong Kong-
Asia-based AECOM
The lead consortium, including the UK Louis Berger Group, the French Egis Railway Corporation and the Japanese Padeco Corporation, is assisting in the design, supervision, quality control, safety and contract management.
They act as mediators between the MMRC and the contractor for all communications on the software.
That\'s why Naya Nagar\'s TBM can\'t move limbs without escaping the forensic review of the complex German yellow camera
Tunnel guidance and monitoring system built by experts.
There are many problems with Metro III for these technicians.
Taking into account the crowded roads in Mumbai, solving logistics problems such as transportation, transporting raw materials, leaving utilities such as buildings intact, and even handling muck as a task.
Unlike Delhi, many subway stations in Delhi are far from the main roads, and all stations in Metro III work on busy roads.
In addition, the road in Mumbai is very narrow.
For example, in Thakurdwar, Girgaum, the road width available for construction works is only 11 m.
\"We can\'t let Mumbai dig a shaft every kilometer,\" Gupta said . \" He added that in Delhi, the tunnel construction equipment will be put down and retrieved every 1 km kilometers, the tunnel in Mumbai
For example, the TBM that was put down during the cuff parade was only cut 4-km channel.
R Ramanna, executive director of MMRC, proposed another factor explaining why Metro III plans to set up six to eight entry and exit points at each station.
\"Unlike Delhi, Mumbai relies heavily on public transport,\" he said . \" He likened the task to the challenge of the Kangkan railway line.
But he said that as the Kangkan line is in a hilly area, it is not subject to the tyranny of the \"utilities\" that the Metro III must address.
He told us that this is to keep the utility line undisturbed, initially planned at 3-
4 M, decided to go 25 m to 30 m deep.
The depth is almost half that of the London Metro, one of the deepest subways in the world.
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