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by:Gewinn     2019-08-20
Kolkata: 45-
After a day off, Prerna resumed surgery on Friday.
The machine crosses the southern diaphragm wall about 18 metres underground at the proposed Mahakaran station opposite the writer\'s building. Kept on slo-mo (
In order to avoid the tedious work of restarting, a complete stop of a TBM tank)for one-and-a-
For half a month, the tunnel rig made a successful breakthrough on Friday afternoon.
On April 2016, Prerna was commissioned from halamidan station to travel about 3 km kilometers to BBD bags.
In November 27, the Laldighi area built 2,100 rings on Highway 16. 3km-line-2 (
Highway tunnel)
Between halamidan and Salt Lake City.
So far, another TBM has built 2,075 rings for Kolkatabound tunnel.
The diaphragm is concrete connecting the tunnel to six subway stations in the east.
West Metro corridor
The diaphragm has two circular spots called a soft eye or steel rod replaced by a fiberglass-reinforced polymer (GFRP)
Two TBMs must be drilled.
On Friday, when Prena punched in, another TBM na would punch in after 10 days.
The diaphragm could not be built because BSNL did not remove the 7,000 landline from the site next to the telephone Bhawan and the land was not available.
On December 3, the telephone company began to move the line and completed the work on December 21.
When Afcons started the diaphragm construction, it all ended on Tuesday.
After this breakthrough, the machine will pass the reply (RLO)
Or Death Letter (DLO)
Construction and movement on the last 21 buildings, including seven fragile buildings in Dalhousie, the implementing agency Kolkata Metro is receiving evacuation notice (KMRC).
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