boring machinery breaks the bottleneck.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-05
Production backups caused by boring operations have led the carpenters to start looking for machinery manufacturers to help speed up production.
For a long time, the production bottleneck of the woodworking workshop is related to drilling and drilling.
In many cases, the company\'s boring operational efficiency may have a chain reaction to other production areas and even determine the speed of the company\'s entire production line.
The two main reasons for the bottleneck are boring machine operators replacing drill bits or re-adjusting the downtime required for drilling measurement and setup
Ups is required for different parts.
Rusty Denson, product manager for panel processing at Scmi Corp, said: \"In today\'s panel processing business, flexibility is more important, and larger production operations are becoming more and more uncommon . \"
\"Big Pass-
For these larger runs, it is better to feed boring machines and even early CNC drills.
With a faster adventureto-
Point drill and more users
Friendly software, takes less time from one job to another than before.
\"Some of the current trends aimed at reducing the bottlenecks of today\'s boring operations are to work smarter machines by using software programs and electronic controls specifically designed for boring applications.
These developments have made it more widely accepted. to-
Point boring system and faster product handling. Soft(ware)
Instead of trying radical new boring machine designs, many device manufacturers add software programs to their computers
Controllable drilling machines that simplify production bottlenecks.
The benefits of adding software include shortening the conversion time and at set-ups.
\"Software program manufacturers first provide programs for panel saw systems to help optimize panels and reduce waste,\" said Kevin Walsh, sales manager at Richard T . \"Byrnes Co. Inc.
\"But now these software manufacturers have started to provide programs for machine manufacturing.
The result is that the computer program eliminates the time.
The operator separately programmed the consumption requirements of boringoperation.
Past programming needs to be as long or longer as manually changing the spindle and drill bit.
With these new programs, all you have to do is type out the desired pattern and the Machine will adjust itself and start boring.
\"The software can also be customized to the manufacturer\'s specifications.
You can design a part and store or modify the program for later use.
When there is a slight change in the part size or some other detail, such as 231/2-in.
Basic Cabinet end boards are required, not 24-in.
First, the software can make changes around the world, and the program can already run . \"
If a company produces many product designs on AutoCAD and even has computer programs for boring machines, it is possible to convert AutoCAD programs into computer manufacturing languages and perform the necessary boring functions on the machine
CAD/CAM software has a huge impact on accelerating boring operations.
Rob Howell, sales engineer at Tekna Machinery Inc. , said: \"The software can read the CAD plan and then translate these specifications into digital languages, which the machine interprets as the correct point and depth
\"If the program can read the CAD plan, there is no need to load the new program manually.
\"Is replacing the logic solution using pneumatic logic control to control the function of the machine with programmable logic control boring machine (PLC)
State electronic function control system.
\"If you look at the pneumatic logic system.
\"There are a lot of valves that can fail because they can be contaminated with dirty air or humidity,\" said Gary Wells, president of trecassoc . \". Inc.
\"It is difficult to troubleshoot the pneumatic system because it is difficult to find the exact problem.
Using Programmable Logic controls, they are more resistant to environmental changes because they are electronic and have resistance to contaminants in the air.
They also asked operators who had problems.
\"The PLC unit can be used for small, medium and large drilling machines, and the controller can be used to measure various functions such as pre-
Programmed glue or mirror-
Image positioning pin insertion sequence without cumbersome mechanical setting.
\"If you want to change the amount of glue used in pin inserts with a PLC device, all you have to do is dial in the new quantity and run it,\" Wells said . \".
\"The PLC unit is easy to adjust and diagnose, so it is well formed to minimize downtime.
\"An example --to-pointPoint-to-
In today\'s woodworking operations, point rigs are becoming more and more popular, as their capabilities are getting stronger and their prices are becoming more and more attractive.
With a manual multi-axis machine, it can be used for long distance less nochangeovers, pointsto-
With computer programming, point machines can be quickly adjusted to different part settings.
\"The strongest use of Point --to-
\"The point machine is being processed on a flat panel,\" Howell said . \".
\"They have a lot of capacity in producing cabinets, store fixtures and stereo speakers.
\"In addition to their ability to quickly convert, point-to-
Machines are becoming more and more attractive.
The cost of two good standard machines (
Hole Drilling in line trough)
The customer now finds that the cost is very close to a basic point-to-
\"Point machine,\" says Steve Jones, sales manager at Altendorf.
\"Advantages include no fence setting requirements, you only need to process the workpiece once with apostropheto-point system. \"Hands-
The axiom that \"too many chefs will destroy soup\" also applies to product handling.
The more the parts are processed, the greater the chance that the parts will suffer damage, dents and delays when moving from the machine to the machine.
The ideal drilling operation will be able to quickly and accurately drill all the necessary holes into the panel at a minimum or no processing speed after the workpiece is fixed on the workbench.
\"Putting a piece on the workbench and having boringmachine do all the boring work, maybe even some light routing or saw, reduces this processing, which will save time and reduce defects, Walsh said.
It can be said that one of the fastest ways to set up a drilling machine to form parts by using a universal barcode system.
The barcode scanning operation in woodworking processing is in principle similar to the scanning operation used in the national grocery store.
In woodworking operations, the scanner swings on the barcode label on the part, and the barcode reader translates information such as the type of part and the processing operations that need to be performed.
Boring machines will react by switching to the next setting that corresponds to the scanned part.
Greg Hammersley, Weeke product manager at Stiles Machinery Inc. , said: \"bar codes are the fastest and most reliable way to load new programs . \"
\"The program loads automatically when each part arrives at the machine.
Minimize the time required to load the program, reduce the conversion time, and reduce errors in incorrect programs loaded by other means, which is beneficial to any size manufacturer.
\"According to Hammersley, the price of the technology is also cheaper than many people think.
\"The barcode reader adds a minimum amount to the purchase of the machine,\" he said . \".
\"But if you pay $100,000 or more on a boring machine, when you talk about saving time and reducing rejection, the money spent on a barcode reader seems to be a sum
\"Many woodworking jobs, regardless of size, face boring jobs with product backups.
However, there are effective solutions to reduce these bottlenecks.
\"You can do 20 to 30 different jobs even in a custom store, with these technologies to minimize set-
Increase programming time while allowing stores to become more profitable, \"said Denson.
If companies take the time to study current software programs and control systems designed for boring operations, find the correct boringsystem and use effective programs to reduce processing and conversion, opportunities to speed up production in a notoriously slow area can increase.
Here is a review of some boring equipment available in the woodworking industry.
For more information, please circle the corresponding number on the reader service card.
For a more comprehensive overview of the boring equipment market, please refer to the 1994 Red BookAnnual buyer\'s specification guide.
Rover 346-to-
Point drill for Biesse Americafeatures drill holes vertically and horizontally on all sides of the panel, heavy duty
9-on-duty routing
HP Router motor, automatic tool change, edge grinding.
Slotting and hardware insertion functions.
Scheer/Byrnes with model DB22-
Multiple spindle rigs off the line from Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc.
Designed to drill two rows of holes in a single work cycle.
The unit comes standard with a range hood that can be connected to a central dust removal system to keep the workpiece free of debris and dust.
The machine is also equipped with electric switchgear and pneumatic maintenance.
The special stop system for the left and right panels avoids offset errors. The Weeke BP-
15 Optimat CNC point-to-
Point rig for StilesMachinery Inc.
It provides 22 vertical holes of independent choice and horizontal holes of 5 independent selected spindle.
X/Y programmable slot saw with intuitive programming software, offline programming software and many security features, Homatic 2000 CNC control. The Model BL-
G Universal boring machines from Koch machinery and systems are designed for boring applications in rail and panel manufacturing, as well as post-
Post boring posts in the chair and furniture industry.
The machine can drill vertically from the top and bottom and drill the end/edge horizontally.
All boring units can be equipped with the ability to rotate.
Digital and/or LED reading reduction settings-uptime.
Optional features include trimming saw, Hopper feeder and computer group-up.
The Vitap line half
Automatic and automatic drilling rig for Atlantic Machinery
There are many standard configurations to choose from and can also be customized for your specific application.
Sigma 2TO and 2TA are ported to compact, fast and accurate 0. 00394 in.
According to the company
Morbidelli U 550-to-
Point boring machine from TeknaMachinery Inc.
It is a flexible CNC machining center that allows JIT machining of panels.
It is reported that the machine provides 29 units independently
A full complement to the control spindle and optional equipment, including a router with the function of an automatic replacement tool, a disc saw attachment, and horizontal drilling.
Machine can be programmed off
Line up in the office using the newly developed custom us cad/CAM software.
SCMI\'s Tech 100 CNC machining center uses 14 independent spindles for horizontal drilling on the x-axis and two independent spindles for horizontal drilling on the y-axis.
The machine uses a brushless AC servo motor and a linear prism bearing to position the group quickly and accurately and provides a 9-2-hp motors.
Jonsdorf point of unidrill-to-
Point AltendorfAmerica processing center, partition.
Stiles Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Pin drilling, line drilling and slotting can be carried out in five ways
Aggregate rotating turret-
Stylemachine unit.
Multiple hole diameters are possible without changing the drill bit.
According to the company, there is no additional cost to drill mode software.
Pade Uni 5 CNC-
Controlled work center from MacoserInc
Is based on a five
Shaft head with universal drill, for boring and decorative, and forming tools for contour machining.
Features include quick settings-ups, teach-
In terms of programming, flexibility and accuracy, the table is divided into two stations by vacuum gauge and cylinder for workpiece loading and duplex assembly system.
Ayen DBE from self-reliance machineryis a single-
Double-sided pin drilling, gluing and insertion machine designed for heavy duty
New glue system is available.
According to the company, the list of options for the machine is extensive.
Features include a cast iron computer desk, six glue and pin insertion units, and a precision fence for heavy casting. The J-
Company of mechanical equipment of 690 automatic drilling machine Duce.
Designed for angle drilling of chair crossbars and legs.
It can be equipped with one or two self-feeding hydraulic spindle mounted on the tail beam, one vertical, and the second vertical adjustment 0 to 90 degrees.
Loading and unloading is carried out in front of the machine, which the company says can produce six to eight pieces per minute.
Model Tritec/Gannomat 280 fully automatic drilling, gluing and Pin Insertion Machine seriesfeaturesa high-
Pressure-enclosed glue system, 23-
Spindle drill on the center of Standard 32mm (
Other centers with special requirements)Six standards (16optional)
The adhesive and insertion device of the activity
Diagnostic Electronic programmer for controlling all machine functions including glue and programmable mirrors-
Image positioning PIN selection. The Octo-
From Holz-control machining centerHer U. S. Inc.
Lycan is reported to be able to complete the work of six or more machines including horizontal or vertical drilling, line drilling, back panel slotting, hinge insertion and option door hinge hole drilling.
Other features include color-
8-way programmable fence, centralized dust removal and air floating table.
Descartes Eagle Point-to-
Some boring machine from ThermwoodCorp.
You can buy it now at 30 in. x 90 in.
Except for the original 30 tables. x 60 in. tables.
The table is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, which is reported to eliminate the settings-
Vacuum pods needed-down.
BW hotel Bridgewood
808 boring machines from Wilk machinery
Comesequipped with 12 units
Can be placed in 2-ft x 4-ft worktable.
The machine can be operated automatically with adjustable time delay or half
Automatically cycle the table up and down using the foot pedal. Two 2-
HP motor is 12-
The big Fiat drive belt drill rotates. Brema through-
Feed Processing Center from Servatek Inc.
At the same time, all mechanical processing on both sides of the panel. The eight-
Station turret boring, tortured, saw and high
Up to 15 hp speed router head.
All axis movements are done on THK
Ball screws and AC motor drives with precision hardening and grinding.
All machining functions are controlled using IBM 486 computers with advanced graphics programming capabilities.
Quick 207 CNC point-to-
Holz-point rigHer=U. S. Inc.
Compact, prefabricated steel body, heavy duty
Five vertical and one double horizontal independent spindle, one slot saw (X axis)
Vacuum clamping and four support stations.
SAB vertical angle boring machine from J. S. Richardson Co. Inc. has a 14-in. x 36-in. table, 11-in.
Throat clearance and 6-in. stroke. The 2-
The Hp 3,600 rpm motor will accept the gear drive motor of the company.
Angle adjustment is 30 [degrees]
Left or right and 30 [degrees]backward.
The feeding device is air with hydraulic control, and the cycle can be one stroke at a time, or it can be an automatic cycle with variable time delay between trips.
This Masterwood/Riebling Ligna MP3 combined multi-function drift box
Boring Machine from Riebling CoInc.
Provides horizontal and vertical independent boringunit with optical reading and pneumatic locking.
The pneumatic stop device with a measuring ruler pairs the left and right panels.
Machine can provide 0-
90 degree rotary head and split head.
Taylor rig for Taylor machineryInc.
Can be used for double hole drilling with variable center distance.
The drill bit consists of a Taylor type 2111 bit and a TEFC spindle drive.
There are two main axes with adjustable spindle spacing of 1 in. through 6. 6 in.
According to the company, the needs of colleagues were eliminated and the correct drilling positioning was ensured.
The maximum spindle speed is 4,500 rpm and the maximum speed is 2-hp drive motor.
Hole machine (IVB)
Cemco is a custom unit that is specified around the customer\'s application.
The device first acts as a stable workstation, providing a fixture platform for assembling various components such as chair/sofa ends.
When the two end frames are assembled, the drill bit rises from the inside of the table and the assembled frame is installed together to ensure a match.
According to the company, the horizontal boring machine of Delta international machinery is designed for cabinets and furniture stores, and can perform repeated boring operations quickly.
1 feet pneumatic control machine.
Features include a cast iron table, adjustable hold-
Standard low boring head
Equipped shop plusa steel cabinet.
The company says the machine can drill up to 1/2 in.
In workpieces up to 1/2. thick.
The distance between rotating connectors can also be adjusted from 3/4 in. to 3 in.
Friulmac provides FN Kombi type boring machine.
Using standard equipment and modular systems, the company says the machine is fully adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.
All machines are equipped with a Hopper feeder and a workpiece return system.
The company added that the machine was able to connect with other machines such as moulers.
United Press from American grass company
Available for 32mm wire slots.
Features include precise drilling depth and automatic molding of wood chips with air pressure.
The company said the drill was made to drill through the hardest materials. Ritter Mfg. \'s R-
1800 CNC horizontal drilling center designed to meet heavy duty requirements
Work applications that require horizontal drilling to 3/4.
Up to 1/2 diameter and countersunk head. diameter.
Interior and exterior doors, furniture components, Cabinet panel frames and window frames are some applications that the machine can handle.
Maggi system 2232 available from American woodworking machinery dealer company
It has 22 spindles for measuring locator of panel and main shaft head unit, a device for 45 [degrees]
Shows the ratio of boring and exaggerated head angle.
Blum mini press from Julius Blum Inc.
Can be used for rotary drilling and insertion.
The machine can perform 32mm line drilling and has seven spindles for end plate drilling.
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