British Morat Machinery Company participated in CIMT2013 with CNC deep hole drilling machine

by:Gewinn     2022-04-23
With a history of 84 years, Mollart is a world leader in the field of deep hole drilling, well-known at home and abroad, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of deep hole drilling machines, providing deep hole drilling tools and owning outsourced processing plants. The company produced the first gun drill/deep hole drilling machine in 1965. In 1993, it cooperated with BOTEK and began to engage in gun drill production and Ru0026D business. Rich experience in deep hole processing, continuous improvement of gun drilling processing technology through outsourcing factories, rich processing experience for workpieces of different materials, different shapes and different hardness, which has played a great role in the design, development and manufacture of deep hole drilling machines. help. The machining hole diameter of the machine tool can cover 0.5mm-150mm, and the drilling depth can reach 3000mm. Whether it is a simple machine tool purchase, a solution for deep hole machining of various types of parts, or deep hole machining of large quantities of auto parts, Mollart is the best solution. A good supplier and partner. The application fields of the deep hole drilling machines produced cover the electronic communication industry, petroleum industry, nuclear power, automobile, medical equipment, feed industry, aerospace and national defense. It has established a good relationship with customers. The company has 150 employees and a strong technical research and development and sales service team. With manufacturing plants in the UK, Germany and Wales, and sales and service offices in the UK, Canada, Germany, Wales, the US and China, the business spans the globe. This DRILLSPRINT is used to process 2mm - 25mm diameter shaft deep hole drilling machine, from single to 4 axes, can process deep holes within 750mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. All machine tables can be equipped with fixtures for eccentric hole processing, and can also be equipped with automatic loading and unloading belts or robotic loading and unloading. In order to better develop the Chinese market, Mollart has a sales service representative office and a spare parts warehouse in Shanghai, and a senior British engineer is stationed in the Shanghai office, which can provide customers with fast and high-quality after-sales service.
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