bronze age transport route \'found during crossrail dig\'

by:Gewinn     2019-08-11
The woodworking equipment found in the crossbar excavation work may be 3,500-year-
Experts believe that the ancient bronze age traffic route through London.
Archaeologists have been looking for this path on a site in Proust, which runs along the same route as the East London new railway.
They have unearthed Stakes, which they say may have been used to build transport routes.
Cross-rail archaeologist Jay Kaver said it was a \"very important discovery \".
The mining team said the two stakes found in Plumstead appeared to have been cut with a metal axe.
Mr. Kaver said: \"We know from other locations nearby that the area may have been staggered by a series of paths.
\"With the excavation work at the entrance of the plumb tunnel, our archaeologists have found several wooden piles and at least two wooden piles that appear to have cut traces from the metal axe.
\"While we haven\'t identified the actual track yet, the wood is similar to the woodworking equipment used to make the track, and certainly shows that people are developing woodlands.
\"Last month, excavation began at the entrance to the plumb tunnel, and analysis of the items found there confirmed that the items were made by humans,\" a cross-Rail spokesman said . \".
\"From the geological conditions of the discovery sites, we know that this is a building in the Bronze Age,\" she added . \".
The tunnel work will begin early next year at the Plumb Site.
The excavator will dig double 1. 6-mile (2. 6km)
A tunnel under the Thames.
Once completed, the rail line will be extended from Abbey in the South --
East London to Heathrow Airport and west to Berkshire Madden head.
Cross-rail archaeologists say the vast network of timber channels makes it easier for bronze-era hunters to reach wildlife that live in this lush wetland. A month-
On Friday, an exhibition of cultural relics found in the archaeological excavation of London\'s cross-railway site opened.
Among the exhibits at the Cross railway visitor information center on St. Giles High Street, there are medieval human bones found on Liverpool Street, a rare amber discovery and a huge jaw bone
The Archaeological Museum of London is analyzing the latest findings and will not be on display.
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