Brown tenon machine product performance characteristics is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Brown tenon machine product performance characteristics is introduced: brown tenon machine product performance characteristics of how much you know? Machinery to introduce to everybody. Brown tenon machine working principle: the workpiece on the tenon machine in turn through a number of cutting, at the end of the artifacts board games. Circular saw blade ( Cut his end) , milling tenon buccal on upper and lower levels, up and down vertical milling oblique tenon, disc milling double tenon mortise ditch performance characteristics:, process: ° joggle ( Single, double) , the size of wood at any Angle splicing ( °- Within a °) , and brown the tenon of reading hands tenon ( Single, double, the current can be processed to eight copy tenon) , raglan tenon ( Sword tenon, single, double, sweep hole not sweep, according to customer requirements processing can be adjusted on the device) Angle, tiger tenon ( Currently processing * big thickness for mm wood) , tenon tooth plate and so on. And convenient: the location of the tenon and mortise, size on the man-machine interface setting and can be stored product program. Embedded computing Angle formula, convenient for processing size wood splice. And areas of application: classical annatto furniture, the new Chinese style furniture.
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