building curriculum ii: knowledge of machine types begins with cnc lathes and mills.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-03
Given how difficult it is to hire skilled mechanics today, we have been discussing building our own apprenticeship program.
The topics and suggestions of the course are based on our goals-
Develop skilled operators. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Your goals may be different and you may need a formal plan.
As a nationally recognized project, I recommend the National Institute of Metal processing skills.
NIMS is the leader in developing nationwide teaching and certification systems for our industry.
Many trade schools also offer these services to help students meet nationally recognized standards.
If your requirements require certified and certified projects, please work with NIMS.
Last month, we reviewed the first1.
Includes skills in understanding store math, reading prints, understanding gd & T symbols on prints, and the ability to fully check sample parts.
Our next skill set covers the knowledge of different types of machines with a focus on CNC lathes and milling machines. Skill Set No.
2 lathe and mill design: This includes a discussion of the design of cnc lathe and mill and how they work.
Mechanics must be aware of the different types available on the job site, with particular emphasis on specific axes of each type.
Lathe and mill workpiece retention: There are many ways to maintain each type of workpiece.
Apprentices should understand the importance of Chuck and Chuck on the lathe.
A major skill requirement for installers is how to drill the chuck.
Be sure to emphasize safety when bored.
We advise students to understand how to perform this process manually and they can also use the standard chinboring program.
The use of the mill fixture and fixture must be explained in depth.
ANSI tools: combined with machine awareness, we need to understand all types of tools.
This includes ANSI lathbachling and blades, high speed tools, drill bits, taps and reamers.
Milling tools include various types of end mill and face Mill and discuss the use of drilling tools on the mill. [
Slightly] Illustrations
This topic will also include instructions for the use of TG-andER-
Correctly hold the type of tool and different methods.
Offset: new mechanics must understand the different types of offsets and how they are used on different types of machines.
Skill Group Instruction No.
2 in the classroom environment, it must be enhanced by hand
It is essential to move using a single block and check the security method.
The offset can be taught in the classroom, but it cannot be fully understood until it is understood on the machine. Hands-
According to the instructions, the apprentice should be shown how to place the vise or fixture on the grinding plate.
This includes using the belt clip correctly and indicating the vise square to the machine for proper alignment.
I recommend using the task list \".
A task list lists the subjects that students must master before moving forward.
For example, the task list will include setting tools and getting work shift values.
Students will show how to use coaxial indicators and edge viewfinder on the mill.
We want students to show how it is done in real time.
Once this skill is mastered, we can view the topic on the task list.
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