Buy six problems of wood processing center need to pay attention to

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
1, pay attention to the function, the motor power, power is small. 2, to understand the performance and function of the engraving machine, speed, how long can continuous processing 3, carved wood processing center motor speed adjustable range, average speed adjustable range of thousands of thirty thousand rotations per minute (RPM), if the speed is adjusted or speed adjustable range is small, suggests that application range is very limited, because the sculpture of different material must be use different engraving head speed. 4, the body manufacturing process: the job requires the body must be accurate and stable, therefore, long-term high power sculpture? 吗? The casting body, should be adopted to ensure the machining accuracy and stability. 5, the controller is usually divided into two kinds: one kind do drive controller, and all of its operations are completed by computer, the computer in the work in a wait state, unable to typesetting work. Another type of controller adopts the single machine or single chip microcomputer control, as long as at the beginning of the work, the computer can perform other layout work, especially when long time carving, edge has been particularly evident. 6, screw and guide rail is an important part of woodworking center, good screw and guide rail is its use for a long time of precision and performance guarantee. A: how to improve the life of woodworking cold press bearing? A: guiyang woodworking machinery usually pay attention to?
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