d4 home once owned by samuel beckett can be yours for €995,000

by:Gewinn     2019-08-08

As one of Ireland\'s great literary treasures, Samuel Beckett managed to maintain a style of Spartans and to maintain a meager force that matched the tone of his work.
In 1937, he fled from Ireland to Paris and lived in a small apartment in a poor area.
This continued until 1952, when Samuel bought a piece of land with the money his mother had left him, and built an ordinary house near the Ussy commune --sur-Marne.
Here, he lived a fairly closed life at work.
It was at this time that Godot was waiting for his reputation for going to world literature.
Of course, in order to fit his simple image, the house is small and simple in design.
In fact, it looks no different from the Irish country bungalows that have sprung up here in the same decade.
In the years before his death, it will become his workstation.
The only luxury of Beckett is the wonderful view of the entire Marne Valley.
But when he realized that people could see the house from the road, he did not wait for Godot to strengthen his privacy, but immediately built a high wall around the gray breeze block. But the self-
The imposition of austerity masks Beckett\'s goodto-
One of the two sons of a wealthy Dublin developer did a background check.
Surveyor and builder William Beckett has placed his family, including young Samuel and his brother Frank, in the luxury of having his own tennis court at Foxrock
The last thing to know is that Beckett of the Abbey later became the landlord of Dublin, thanks to the diligence that his father provided for his son, the playwrights may supplement his income by much of his income from the small development of Ballsbridge\'s family home to the life of the rental income.
Back in 1910, when Samuel was four years old, Beckett senior built three neat little houses on the Grand Canal in Percy square in balsbridge, and he grabbed them and intended to give them to his two boys.
Therefore, he has lived in the meager land of the Paris art district for so many years, Samuel (
With his brother Frank.
Some healthy rents were introduced in their neat D4 investment.
It is reported that Frank and Samuel jointly owned the three companies.
It\'s not clear when they sold out, but the owner of no2percy Place right next to the canal said the three of them were contracted
The bedroom house has the name of the Becket brothers and sisters in their 70 s.
After 30 years in the same family, the second has just been sold.
There is currently a couple, both architects, with an area of 1,345 square feet.
Slightly bigger than the average half.
The houses were built in a simple Edward style with some contemporary art and crafts such as the delicate chimney.
The house has a direct view of the Ring Bridge and the locks next to many windows, all the main rooms have a view of the canal, Dublin City residents enjoy a walk and the barges are convenient.
Depending on the season, one or five ships pass here every day.
The current owner has made a major renovation/renovation of about 2000 of the house, and when the kitchen is relocated, a window is opened on the wall of the canal, in order to provide a landscape to the pepper cannibal Church and lock.
There are three bedrooms for a family.
The interior decoration is an quaint combination of Edwardian art and craftsmanship, and the building owners offer a more modern style.
Accommodation includes: foyer, living room, kitchen, living room, guest toilet, bathroom, two double bedrooms and a third single bedroom.
Owners use city bikes to get around, Percy square is convenient to get to Merlion Square, St.  Stephen Green and Grafton Street, where all the facilities in downtown Dublin are.
The Grand Canal marina Dart station, Ballsbridge village and Aviva are also steps away.
The living room has imported Danish Pejse -
The owner claims that the stove that burns on two coal balls can stay hot all day.
The floors here and downstairs are solid white oak blocks designed in herringbone.
The Svelte black glossy kitchen is crafted by the owner and requires a car spray specialist to spray it.
Shop with sturdy mountain ball top, practical coat and boots, inside door with power cut and double
Glass hard wooden door outside terrace garden.
Utility spaces include Potterton gas boilers, integrated Electrolux washing machines, integrated Whirlpool refrigerators/freezers, and a variety of storage spaces, including ladder and file storage.  The best thing about the family bathroom with a Victorian sink is a separate roll
Top antique paint bag bathroom with original bronze faucet and claw feet.
Anyone who wants to rent today may get 1,800 to 2,000 euros a month
Being a profitable person is even better than it was when it made the Samuel barrel.
Dublin Ballsbridge 4 Asking price: 995,000 euro agent: Savills (01)
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