Daily maintenance of multi-blade saw for solid wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-06
In recent years, the log platform saw manufacturing industry is far less than earlier, therefore ,; Internet technology, Internet technology concept; One Belt and One Road &; Property market new deal; New Silver loan policy and new annual interest rate t; , Even'Pave the second child','Stock market' Such as the popularity of social development and dynamics, have been pulled to production by enterprises and post news media'Early spring of log platform saw Post' , A round log push table saw post to be regenerated. In fact, the market situation of the manufacturing industry is getting worse and worse, this kind of news on the surface and on the basis of theory seems to be good. The hot words in the manufacturing industry of the log platform saw post, the rescue of the log platform saw post manufacturing industry and the encouraging reports of the financial charm of the news media are sufficient, did not let the thin post birthday cake fat up. Therefore, the volume reduction of the manufacturing industry has become a grudge of Post price competition. Square wood multi-blade saw normal maintenance 1. Adjust and check the feeding transmission chain, feeding motor transmission chain and guide motor inside the log multi-blade saw every quarter. 2. Regularly maintain whether the length of the main motor drive belt is tight and loose is moderate, the oil standard of the Shell should be regularly executed and the car oil should be added, and whether the oil pipeline has already set the port number. 3. The cushion cover, woodworking saw blade and guide piece in the square wood multi-piece saw should be Quarterly (3 ~ 5 days) Clean it with a diesel engine, clean it with a clean cleaning cloth, and do not have any dirt when installing the longitudinal saw machine. Clean it and then clean it with a cloth. 4 The spindle bearing core is used to flush the hole with water many times a day when removing and replacing the log multi-piece saw, or to point the wind to the inner drain blower to blow out the dirt and ensure the unobstructed drain. 5 regularly maintain whether the spindle bearing nut inside the log multi-blade saw mechanical equipment is loose. The high carbon steel plate with a thickness of 1500 is cut by an optical fiber laser with an output power of 2mm W, and the laser cutting rate reaches 700/min; Laser cutting 5mm thick polypropylene resin plate, laser cutting rate reached 1500/min. WEDM can exceed the high efficiency of laser cutting, usually 20 ~ 65 cubic millimeters per minute, up to hg 400 cubic millimeters per minute; Significantly, the fiber laser cutting speed is quite fast, and the advantage is obvious when used for mass production. The water cutting rate is equivalent to slow, and it is not suitable for mass scale production. The laser cutting of plasma cutting machine is very slow, the relative precision is low, and it is more suitable for laser cutting thick steel plate, but the inner hole has inclination. For the production and processing of metal materials, wire cutting has higher precision, but the speed is relatively slow. Sometimes another hole-breaking and wire-piercing method must be used to carry out laser cutting, and laser cutting specifications suffer from great limitations.
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