dear elon musk: please save toronto transit from itself

by:Gewinn     2019-08-17
We will provide creative napkins.
Can an authority invite Elon Musk to visit his \"hometown\" in Toronto, have a beer, or have a beer in a place where I know the wine factory is cool, it will be very uncoordinated as we need to talk to him.
Musk is engaged in transportation and energy business, focusing on the sustainable development of economic benefits.
He built an amazing company by taking the same amazing risks.
Tesla, Boring, SolarCity, Boring Company-
He has always been the center of all these markets.
Destroy clothing.
But in Toronto, borrowing a quote from The Great Gatsby, we \"keep coming back to the past \".
\"In Toronto, our cash is more than just traffic jams --
The tight government wants to spend billions of dollars to solve problems that will not solve our problems soon.
It may not be well known, but Canada is a ticket for Musk to leave South Africa as his mother, may Musk, was born in the province of SA.
According to the engaging book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a better future, Musk has made a huge breakthrough in Toronto through an internship with Nova Scotia Bank.
But he heard the sound of the Silicon Valley siren, which naturally fits all the ideas in his head.
He recently wanted to build a tunnel and super loop system so that people could travel to and from New York and Washington in less than 30 minutes.
In addition, he recently signed an agreement to build the world\'s largest battery in South Australia to help keep renewable energy lights lit.
He said he \'d send you lithium-
The Ionic beast in 100 days or it is free.
In Los Angeles, he started a boring company, and he thought cars could travel underground without any effort.
Critics call it a daydream, but the purpose is to build tunnels from the airport to a series of different points across Los Angeles. A. area.
Don\'t forget SpaceX, its goal is to cut the cost of space transportation, oh yes, to get to Mars.
The company has developed a series of launch vehicles and spacecraft that have put payload into orbit.
So please don\'t say Musk is a pie. in-the-sky dreamer.
He sent the pie.
Super Loop in Toronto, Toronto, we can deploy Super loop systems instead of doubling on expensive subways and supporting funding --
Gardiner sucking express waymusk first outlines the pull after the super-loop train
The night of 2013, because he was high in California
He thinks the high-speed rail project is too slow and the cost is too high.
Hyperloop includes passing people through the tube at 700 miles an hour.
Since he has also provided the technology to anyone, companies around the world are taking on the challenge.
South Korea hopes to set up a 325 km system from Seoul to Busan.
They want it to start and run in four years. Four years!
Toronto has done nothing in four years!
We just talked for a few years in a row, held elections, spent a lot of money on learning, and then talked and spent some more.
Toronto is a vibrant city with lots of people, but in the process we forget about the modernization of the city\'s transportation system.
Navigation in a metropolis is a small matter;
Gasoline was burned without results, wasting time.
Recently, leaders at all levels have religious beliefs in improving infrastructure, but they seem to know nothing about how to proceed.
The Metro \"r\" UsToronto is now turning to cost $3. 35 billion —and counting —to build a one-stop subway.
If that\'s the money, you think the system extends to places like Hudson Bay.
But no, about 3.
According to the existing road route using Google Maps, 7 miles.
When you see a company called Hyperloop One and its establishment 90-
The mileage system between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is estimated to cost $4. 8 billion (U. S. )
Or $52 million (U. S. )a mile.
$66 million (Canadian)
Building a super loop every mile, and building a subway to Scarborough every mile costs nearly $0. 9 billion.
It\'s all about serving thousands of new riders every day.
How is it possible to spend nearly a billion peonies in a mile low
Technology subsidiary, the Hyperloop may be long distance, but if we start at Union Station and stop at many places in Scarborough and Montreal, east of Ottawa, we will build one from there, so for many people who go to work, the journey will take minutes.
Or, if we use a pit excavator to cross the Scarborough town center, buy a team of our own
Driving a Tesla sedan to transport everyone back and forth from the initial allocation, we may have enough time left to buy or start a green car
Think-provoking hedge funds earn a decent amount of money every year. Yes, I\'m blue-skying it here.
But the bottom line is: all cities in Toronto need better public transport, and the old modes of transport are no longer cut because they are too expensive and too long
Consumption, no innovation.
So, please let\'s bring Elon back for a chat.
We paid for drinks and provided a bunch of napkins he could scribble on.
We then consider taking some bold and productive steps.
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